Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tuesday 8/12

A. 1 RM Bench
B. DB Skullcrushers: 4 x 10-15
C. Pendlay Row: 5 x 8

3 Rounds:
30 dumbbell shoulder presses, 35#/20# 
20 weighted pull-ups, 35#/20# 
10 weighted dips, 35#/20# 

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  1. Press/Accessory:
    A. 1RM Bench...only got to 95# today with my shoulder. I know I can do more.
    B. DB Skullcrushers: 4x10 using 12#s
    C. Pendlay Row: 5x8 @ 65#

    WOD: I could not even do 1 kipping pull-up with a weight vest on, so I did this instead:
    20 min EMOM
    5 KB Swings @ 35#
    3 C2B p
    2 Burpees
    I sat out one round of this because my back was still REALLY tight from doing heavy deads in a WOD last week. The burpees were surprisingly really hard to do with how tight my back was.