Who is this program for?

This is for anyone interested in becoming a better competitive CrossFit athlete. Although anyone is welcome to follow this programming, you will see that the volume and time commitment are somewhat demanding so it is best that this level of volume is something you achieve over time. Additionally, those who will get the most from the programming are those athletes who are looking to improve their standings in the open and qualify for regionals.

Are there any requirements for following the blog?
I would just ask that you post everything to the comments regarding the weight you used during the workout, reps completed/time, how you felt, where things broke down, relative weaknesses and strengths... basically anything you feel is important I know so I can tailor the program accordingly.

What if I don't know how to do an exercise?
Do some research, or ask. Most of the time, a little research on google or youtube will allow you to find what you are looking for

What if I want to do extra stuff?
This programming is meant to be all-inclusive and hit on everything needed. However, sometimes I might forget to include something during a week or over a period of a few weeks. This is why I will sometimes post all of the workouts for the week on the previous Sunday. This will allow you to see when would be best to include that extra stuff. For example, if you really struggle at muscle-ups and none are included that week, then you will be able to see which day would be best to practice. However, please never do extra WODs; skill work is fine but the type of WODs and the volume are specified for the time of year and phase of development.

What if I cannot do the prescribed movement or weight? 
Please make the best modification possible. Oftentimes, I will include a recommended modification. However, if one is not included or it is not sufficient please adjust accordingly.

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