Sunday, December 1, 2013


*****We are starting a new cycle. When written with percentages, reps come first then sets. So 3 x 2 means 3 reps for 2 sets! When no percentages are included, its sets before reps1*****

Every 90 seconds for 9 minutes: Power Snatch + 2 Squat Snatches
A. 3 sets @ 65%
B. 3 sets @ 70%

Olympic Lifting: Split Jerk
A. 3 x 2 @ 70%
B. 3 x 3 @ 75%

Olympic Lifting: Clean Pull (percentage off 1RM Clean)
A. 7 x 4 @ 90%

WOD: Alternating every 2 minutes for 20 Minutes 
1. 8 Back Squats @ 60%
2. Max Unbroken Strict C2B
3. 8 Back Squats @ 65%
4. Max Unbroken C2B
5. 6 Back Squats @ 70%
6. Max Unbroken Strict pull-ups
7. 6 Back Squats @ 75%
8. Max Unbroken Pull-ups
9. 6 Back Squats @ 75%
10. Max Unbroken Strict Pull-ups

Gymnastics: 2 x Max Effort Isometric Pull-up hold (if you want an even greater challenge, start with your chest in contact with the bar; rest 60-90 seconds between attempts)


  1. Snatch:
    A: 115#, felt pretty easy, tried to focus on the little things
    B: 125#, still felt easy

    Olympic Lifting: Split Jerk
    A: 150#, felt easy concentrated on foot placement
    B: 160#, still felt easy

    Olympic lifting: clean pull
    A: 200#, felt good, focused on full extension

    1. 190#
    2. 13
    3. 205#
    4. 20
    5. 220#
    6. 8
    7. 235#
    8. 20
    9. 235#
    10. 8

    Gymnastics: felt pretty tired after the WOD, held for about 16 seconds both times

    I'm sure I will get used to it, but what's the reasoning for changing the sets and reps layout? I did a couple sets wrong today just confused what we are gaining by changing.

  2. ***Not sure if I am alone here, but could we just continue with the usual format of "Sets x Reps?" I'm easily confused, especially at 6 AM.

    Skill: These went really well. I didn't go very heavy (105# and 115#) but they felt much better. My weight still goes forward sometimes, but I am working on it and it has continued to improve.

    Olympic Lifting: 135# and 155#. I am working on resting the bar across my shoulders (like in a front squat) during the down position. I realized not doing this was way to taxing. I immediately noticed a difference in that I typically use my shoulders way too much. I was forced to really use the initial push and get under the bar a lot more. It was awkward at first, but I think I will see big improvements once I get used to it. Plus it felt much better on my wrists.

    Olympic Lifting: Clean Pull
    A. 185#. These were fine. I think I need to reassess my 1 rep max. Clean.

    WOD: I will increase the weight next time. I stuck with the percentages based on my max of 215# for back squats. However, I think that my max has probably increased since the last time I tried it, so on the last set I went a little heavier. I am starting to notice improvements overall with each type of squat. I am getting much more comfortable with each, and with that I am increasing weight. It is nice to see improvement in something I have never really done previous to Crossfit, and was always pretty terrible at.

    Pull-ups were fine. I don't remember my exact numbers for each, but I think these are right.

    1. 125#
    2. 15
    3. 135#
    4. 16 ( I should have done 20)
    5. 145#
    6. 12
    8. 15
    10. 11

    Gymnastics: Roughly 15 seconds and shaking like crazy.

  3. Snatch:
    B- 160#.
    Both felt good, got a little tough on the last few rounds

    Split Jerks:
    A- 205#
    B- 215#
    These were okay, but still pretty fatigued from the max attempts yesterday.

    Clean Pulls:
    255#. I'm with Luke, Sean and Liz, this was kinda confusing with the new repsxsets scheme.

    Back Squats: 225, 245, 265, 285, 285. Very heavy on the last 2 sets.
    Pullups: 6, 11, 9, 21, 5. After the 100 pullups yesterday, these were pretty difficult.

    Gymnastics: 15 seconds, ish....

  4. Snatch:
    A. 75# - felt good on these
    B. 85# - good on these too

    Split Jerks:
    A. 100#
    B. 110# - both sets should have been kinda light, but felt like crap. Probably fatigue from doing Saturday's workout yesterday.

    Clean Pulls: 130# - doing 7 at a time of these got tough. I felt it in my legs (maybe I'm doing something wrong because Ernie and Patrick said they didn't feel it there at all), and my hands got kinda sore, probably because I am just so explosive...

    Back Squats: 110#, 115#, 125#, 135#, 135# - these felt heavier than they should have.
    Pull-ups: 4 (did strict pus b/c I struggle to get 1 strict C2B), 5, 4, 15, 4 - same as Patrick.

    Gymnastics: 15 secs, 20 secs

    *The whole rep scheme is a little confusing. I'm sure we can get used to it, if it's necessary. But, we did do a bunch of consulting the blog to make sure we were getting it right. If you have a reason to do it that way, I'll stretch my brain a bit and make it work.

  5. Jen Clark

    I am going to try to be better about posting in here.

    I would agree with the confusion on the rep scheme. I am not sure I did it right today.
    A: 75#
    B. 85#
    These felt really good. Think I need to try to establish a new 1RM.

    Split Jerk:
    A: 95#
    B: 110#
    These felt great as well. Felt little light. But going off my last 1RM.

    Clean Pulls: 135#, doing 7 was a little rough, felt at times I was as not pulling quickly enough from the bottom.

    WOD: Back Squats- 115, 125, 135, 145, 145- All were good. The last two of the final 145 were a little bit of struggle.
    Pull ups: Strict pull-ups- these were hard. Did 4 each round with the exception of the last, with only 3. I struggled with these, they are difficult to do unbroken.

    Gymnastics: 30 sec, 18 sec.