Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Strength 1: Alternating Every 90 seconds for 15 Minutes: 
A. Push Press: 5 reps @ 78%
B. 15 KB Swings 70#/53# (Unbroken)

Strength 2: Front Squat (rest accordingly)
A. 8 reps @ 60%
B. 6 reps @ 65%
C. 5 reps @ 70%
D. 3 reps @ 75%
E. 5 reps @ 70%

WOD: (Scale Accordingly. If these are too heavy scale to weight in the 55-70% range)

Power Snatch 145#/95#

-rest 3 Minutes-

Deadlifts 225#/155#
Wallball 20#/14#

-rest 3 Minutes-

Airdyne for Calories
Pull-ups (chin over)


  1. Strength 1:
    A: 145#
    B: Check

    Strength 2:
    A: 135#
    B: 145#
    D: 170#
    E: 160#
    I didn't know my 1RM, I tried to guess from my 3 RM but this felt a little light so I guess I was wrong

    9-6-3 4:15
    Power snatch had to use 135#, I really felt all the other workouts from this week here. My legs and chest were sore getting up from the burpees

    15-12-9 4:10
    Deadlift 225#, first set unbroken then broke the next 2 in half
    Wallball 20#, all sets unbroken

    21-15-9 4:30
    Airdyne, should have pushed harder
    Pull ups, first set broke it into 11 and 10, second set 10 and 5, last 9 unbroken

    I liked this WOD and the strength stuff we have been doing this week but I am feeling it. Pretty sore and pretty fatigued across the board

  2. Strength 1:
    A. Push Press @ 95# - these felt heavy for me today
    B. KB swings at 53# - these are feeling a LOT better than they have been. Maybe I'm getting stronger...

    Front Squat: Felt pretty strong with these today, even the higher reps. And, yes, I know my math was off. I put an extra few pounds on the last sets by accident.
    A. 100#
    B. 110#
    C. 120#
    D. 135#
    E. 120#


    Power Snatch/Burpee - 3:57 did 85# for the Power Snatch, which is just above 70% of my 1RM. Wish I would have gone down a bit more, because my form was embarrassing by the end. Burpees were a rest for me.

    DL/Wallball - 5:03 - ugh, DLs - they get me every time.

    Airdyne/pull-ups - 4:25 - probably could have gone harder on the Airdyne, I was going about 80%. I had trouble getting into a rhythm with my pull-ups until the last round (of course).

    Just generally felt a little off today. Still feeling weak overhead, maybe from Monday. I also got a little lightheaded during the WOD portion. My kids have all been sick, so I'm sure I'm fighting off whatever they have. Excuses, excuses... :)

  3. Jen Clark

    Strength 1:
    A. Push Press- 85#
    B. KB-55#

    Front Squats:
    100, 105, 115, 125, 115 felt really good today

    Power snatch-3:45 did 75#, the started to look really ugly towards the end

    DL/WB- 5:10- Those DL felt heavy to me today for some reason, plus my hands are really sore so it made it difficult to grip the bar.

    Airdyne/pullups- this sucked, I am not very good on the Airdyne, did butterfly pullups, but the ripped, so struggled finishing the last 9.

    Overall I am feeling more exhausted and physically drained this week for some reason. But I have to say that WB's are finally feeling so much easier for me!!