Thursday, December 5, 2013


Gymnastics 1: 'Mini' Flight Simulator, 5-10-15-20-25-30-25-20-15-10-5 Double Unders (each number is an unbroken set; go back to zero after completing each set. Each set is unbroken!) 
*10 Minute Time Cap

Every 90 seconds for 9 minutes: 3 Position Snatch
A. 3 sets @ 65%
B. 3 sets @ 70%

Strength 1: Snatch Pull
A. 4 x 7 (sets x reps) @ 90% of snatch

Strength 2: Snatch Grip Push Press
A. 3 x 5 (sets x reps) @ 70%
B. 2 x 5 (sets x reps) @ 75%

A. For Time: 50/30 Strict Pull-ups (Guy/Girl)

rest as needed

B. For Time: 3 Rounds
20 Alt DB Snatches 70#/45#
40 DU
2 Rope climbs


  1. Gymnastics 1: Still struggle with DUs, basically worked on them for 10 mins

    Snatch: Felt good, I really like the high hang position, makes me focus on the last pull and speed under the bar
    A. 115#
    B. 125#

    Strength 1:
    A. 165#
    Paul gave Sean and I some instruction here, he said to basically load the hamstrings and then go back down. Which made sense but I seemed to pull slower from the knee to hip knowing that's where I'm stopping. So we did the first pull and started into the second.

    Strength 2: These were pretty awkward, and hard on the collar bone
    A and B. I did 95# for all sets just to make sure I could control the weight and do it right

    A. 4:30ish I think, tried sets of 5 but after about 30 reps I had to break it down more

    B. 10:00ish. This workout was tough but I enjoyed it!

  2. Gymnastics 1: Got some good unbroken numbers on these. I was able to get 15 and 20 on the way up the ladder without stopping, and just restarted my count at 0 after the 15 (so 35 altogether). The way down wasn't as smooth, but I still got it in the time limit.

    Snatch: This felt good. I am beginning to try and work on dropping under the bar on these, even when i don't need to. This is what I struggle the most with in these types of lifts. I can muscle the weight up, but I really want to be more comfortable dropping all the way under it. Today I was only dropping under about halfway, so my upper leg was still above parallel with the floor.
    A. 105#
    B. 115#

    Strength 1:
    A. 145#
    After watching Luke for the first set we decided that trying to stop was slowing us down, so we pulled quick to try and keep the momentum moving the bar up, but letting go once we were upright. This seemed to work better and improved our explosiveness.

    Strength 2: Bringing it down on the front of the chest/collarbone sure did force you to control it a lot. I did not want to go heavy since I don't think this is something you would want to load too much weight on. The front of my shoulders were feeling it afterwards even with the light weight.
    A. 75#
    B. 85#

    A. Right around 4:00. I stopped after 10 to stop from burning out, but I wish I had just done as many as I could in the first attempt. I was going to burn out either way, so it would have been better to get as many out of the way while I was fresh. After the 10 I went in sets of 5, then 3 by the end. I wouldn't mind trying this again soon, but with the alternate strategy.

    B. Around 11. This was a tough one. I think this was the hardest one for me all week, but there is no one exercise that made it tough, just the combination of the three. Also, I need to find some shoes that can grip those stupid ropes. I end up just climbing all arms.

  3. Gymnastics 1: No problems here. Only faltered on the descending set of 25. Everything else was unbroken.

    Snatch: 150, 160#. I didn't time these every 90 seconds, but I think I kept that pace up, if not went a little faster. No problem really here, felt a little weak on some.

    Strength: Did 2 sets with 215, then 2 more with 230. I was able to get power on all 7 reps and bring the bar up to about chest height without a problem. Felt really good.

    Strength 2: 165, 175#. Did these behind the neck (which dan said was the correct way to be doing them) just due to the fact that Drop Snatches and Snatch balances were done behind the neck too. Felt good on these. Worked my shoulders in a way that I haven't felt before.

    A- 4:30. Sets went like this: 10, 5, 5, 5, 3.....then 1's up to 50.
    B- 8:20. The first round went unbroken on all exercises. Second round, the snatches were more difficult, DU were unbroken. 3rd round were broken on all exercises. This was a lot more difficult than I thought 3 rounds of low reps would be. Fun though.

  4. Gymnastics: I am so hit or miss with DUs - guess I better keep practicing. But, I did get through it all under 10 mins.

    *I did a WOD before my strength today. I definitely understand why we don't usually do that...felt a little awkward and fatigued during my strength sets.

    Snatch: I did these all as squat snatches, not sure if I was supposed to or not...
    A. 75#
    B. 80#

    Snatch Pull
    A. 105# - these felt great today

    Snatch Grip PP: Did these behind the head, like Patrick
    A. 85# - slightly over 70% because I was being lazy and didn't feel like taking the 25s off and loading a bunch of new plates to lose 5#
    B. 90# - again, slightly over 75%. These felt a lot better than I anticipated.