Sunday, April 13, 2014

Friday 4/18

A. 15 Minutes to find a 1 Rep Squat Clean & Jerk

Strength: Squats
A. Build to a 3 RM Back Squat

B. 10 x 10 Back Squats 135#/95# (focus on moving the bar as fast as possible. Be comfortable with a fast decent and explode on the ascent) Rest 1 Minute between sets

*Every time you come off the rings complete 7 Push-ups

WOD 2: 3 Rounds, AMRAP 3
400 M Row
10 Unbroken Power Cleans 135#/95#
Max Wallballs 30#/20# (Start with as many unbroken as possible)
*Rest 3 Minutes between rounds 
**Treat each round like a sprint!!!


  1. Did this strength on Thursday.

    A. 15 Minutes to find a 1 Rep Squat Clean & Jerk - worked up to 155# on the C&J, got 165# on the clean, but couldn't jerk it today.

    A. Build to a 3 RM Back Squat - built to 185# (which was my previous max), so I decided to try for a new max today (I know, I probably shouldn't have, but I was still feeling pissy about MUs and I needed the boost). Got 200#! I've wanted that for a while, so I was excited about that. Might have another 5#-10# in me, if I hadn't tried to find my 3RM first).

    B. 10 x 10 Back Squats 135#/95# - I only got in 3 of these before comp class started. They felt harder than they should have - definite leg burn.

    Then, did comp class workout -
    18 WB (20#)
    15 OHS (95#)
    12 hang DB split snatch (supposed to use 45#, I did 25# and that was challenging enough - I need to do more DB work)
    Handstand walk
    9 Bar MU (subbed 18 C2B - as high as I could)
    90 DUs
    9 burpee to target
    9 C&J (supposed to be 135#, but I dropped it to 125#)

    They were doing more, but I had to leave to pick up kids.

  2. On Friday, I did Comp class workout then worked on bar and ring MUs - ring MU were there, BMU, not so much. But, getting closer. Soon.

  3. Lifting:
    A. Squat Clean and Jerk - a 110# clean, but no jerk. Still working on feeling more comfortable getting under the bar.

    A. 3RM Back Squat - 105# was my previous best. Did 110# today and it felt good enough that I tried 115#. I got was tough, but I think I could've gotten 120#. I stopped because of the 10 x 10 I knew I had to do.

    B. 10 x 10 @ 95#...Started at 95#, but had to drop down to 85# to finish this work out.

    WOD 1: Skipped for time crunch

    WOD 2: 3rds/ AMRAP 3
    1. 3 wall balls
    2. 2 wall balls
    3. 3 wall balls

    My rowing still needs fine-tuning, but it was really the cleans that got me on this. 95# isn't too hard for me, but I was just gassed by this point.