Monday, April 21, 2014

Thursday 4/24

Recovery day: get outside the gym!

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  1. Did the FS today - 145# for 3x3 - no lifters or belt - felt solid

    Worked to a heavy Squat Snatch - could only get up to 120#, I almost had 125# a couple of times again.

    Then, I did the kneeling box jumps - I didn't have a tape measure, but I got up to 2 45#s and a 25# bumper plate stacked.

    Worked a clean ladder - 1 power clean then 1 hang squat clean without dropping the bar. We had 20 seconds to complete each bar and move on to the next one. It started at 60# and I got up to 150#, couldn't get the 165# power clean.

    Then, we did a quick DB snatch (50#), T2B, GHD sit-up, box jump (24") workout

    Then, another quick one - Thrusters (95#), Deficit HSPUs (I used a 45# plate and a 25# plate stacked), OHS (95#), MUs and DLs (155#) - I couldn't get a MU in this workout.