Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wednesday 4/30

Another Track Workout from NC Lab Coach Chris Hinshaw:
"This workout will test the athletes pacing intelligence based on their actual running endurance.  Athletes must pick a target pace range that makes the 800m and 1600m workout manageable.  Although they might pass the buy-in phase, passing the workout phase will become especially difficult if the 400 pace was too fast".  

Workout Buy-In:
5 x 400m with a 200m slow jog between efforts

Buy-In Rules:
1. You pick your 400m pace to best manage the Workout. 
2. No looking at your watch on the 1st 400m until you cross the finish. 
3. Your pace for the 400s must be within a 10 seconds pace range.  
4. The 400m finishing times must get progressively faster but cannot exceed the 10 second pace range.

Buy-In Fail: You must re-start your workout buy-in as soon as your pace range becomes greater than 10 seconds or your finishing times don’t get progressively faster.

1 x 800m
400m walk
1 x 800m
400m walk + 2 min add’l rest
1 x 1600m

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