Monday, April 7, 2014

Wednesday 4/9

Track Day: Every Wednesday will be a track day. I highly recommend doing these workouts, they will really help your capacity. These workouts come from Chris Hinshaw, who is Jason Khalipa's endurance coach. 

A. 5 x 1000m (1:1 work/rest)
*Perform these intervals at a fast, but repeatable anaerobic threshold pace. As example, a 5:30 miler would target 3:53-3:54 per 1000m.  This workout will test your aerobic capacity.

Rest 5 Minutes after final 1000  

B. 3 x 400m:  Rest 1:3 (work:rest)

*The pace for the 400s is intended to be fast.  We will treat these 400s like a fast race finish.  As example, a 60 second 400m runner would target 74-76 per 400m. Our goal is to prepare for CrossFit events with a sprints to the finish.

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  1. Did this workout on Thursday instead.

    Went to gymnastics Wednesday.