Monday, April 7, 2014

Friday 4/11

Gymnastics 1: MU Progession work

A. 15 Minutes to find a 2 Rep Snatch
B. 15 Minutes to find a 3 Rep Heavy Clean & Jerk
*This means perform a C & J then immediately do another, if you drop the bar do not rest more than 3-5 seconds before next rep

Gymnastics 2: 50 Strict HSPU for time

WOD: 4 Rounds
12 Shoulder to Overhead 115#/80#
15 T2B
50 DU

If you have access to hurdles, or something similar, I recommend incorporating these drills. Especially before going below parallel or as part of a cool down

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  1. Did the comp class workout today

    Snatch grip RDL 5x3

    Partner WOD - DUs, WBs, Box Jumps, P Cleans, Rope Climbs

    Then 5 Rds of
    Max Strict HSPUs
    Run 100 M