Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wednesday 4/16

Track Day, courtesy of NC Lab
1 x 100m at 0:23 w/ a 100m walk
1 x 200m at 0:46 w/ a 100m walk
1 x 300m at 1:09 w/ a 100m walk
1 x 400m at 1:32 w/ a 100m walk

2 min rest

2 x 2000m at 7:34-7:40 with 5 min rest between efforts.
2 x 300m at sub-0:62 w/ a 200m walk between efforts

Total: 6400 meters

*"This workout is programmed for an athlete with a 5:30 mile PR.  The 100, 200, 300, & 400m paces are to be performed at your 2000m pace.  These initial paces will be CRAZY EASY.  Use these intervals to burn this tempo into your memory system for the 2000m intervals.  Track workouts should have a constantly varied approach because CrossFit athletes are not specialists in one particular distance.  We must consider the entire endurance curve."- Chris Hinshaw

**Pace range recommendations for someone with 7:10 mile PR
100m at 30sec
200m at 61sec
300m at 1:31
400m at 2:02
2 x 2000m at 10:09 – 10:14
2 x 300m at sub-68 sec


  1. WOW! This was both better and worse than I expected. I'm not super fast, but was happy I could keep my short sprints around the recommended splits based on the 7:10 mile. I also haven't been running distance for a few months now, so the 2000m was tough. I somehow overlooked that you wanted 2 attempts at the 2000m and last 300m, so only did one attempt. But probably for the better as my right knee and hip were not feeling great during the 2000m and are pretty achy today.

    1 x 100m: :23
    1 x 200m: :50
    1 x 300m: 1:23
    1 x 400m: 1:58...really started to fade at this point.

    Rest 2 mins then
    1 x 2000m: 11:38...My legs felt done after the 400m. My knee & hip also started to really hurt during this run. I KNOW I am faster than this, so will try this again soon!
    1 x 300m: 1:27

    *Did not run this on a track, which I am sure would make a difference. I had hills and had to stop and turn on all distances. Not ideal, but what I had to do yesterday. I was really dreading this workout beforehand, but ended up really enjoying it (minus the 2000m) ;)

  2. Thanks for the pep talk about being old ;). Almost makes up for the Airdyne workouts...

    I rested Wed, I'll do the track workout on Saturday.

  3. Could not get in today.

  4. Did this on Saturday 4/19

    I tried to hit just under the times posted for the 7:10 mile, as I think mine is a little bit faster than that, but I also haven't done a mile for time in a long time. I actually did this on a track today, and up at home, so at about 8,000 ft. It does make a difference.

    1 x 100m at 0:23 - I did :27
    1 x 200m at 0:46 - I did :57
    1 x 300m at 1:09 - I did 1:20
    1 x 400m at 1:32 - I did 1:51

    2 x 2000m at 7:34-7:40 - mine were 9:55 and 9:47
    2 x 300m at sub-0:62 - mine were :64 and :61 (I went out a little fast on the first one, paced better on the second and it felt a lot better and I went faster - yay pacing!).

    This actually ended up being kinda fun. I like the track workouts - it's really nice to get out of the gym and be outside!!