Sunday, June 29, 2014

Monday 6/30

a. Squat Snatch: Build to a Heavy Double (does not mean 2 RM, drop bar between reps)
b. Hang Squat Snatch: 5 x 2 at 90% of a. 

A. Back Squat: 6 x 4 @ 80%
B. Good Morning: 4 x 8
C. Weighted Hip Extensions: 4 x 15

Gymnastics: 2 x ME Strict HSPU 

For Time:
49 Pull-ups
7 OHS 185#/135#


  1. Lifting:

    a. Squat Snatch: My shoulder has been weird for a few weeks and then having 10 days off, I wasn't sure how snatch would go today. I PR'd by 10#! I am now at 95# and I pulled that about 4 times. I was SO close to getting 100#, was just tired by the time I got to that. I am thrilled!

    b. Hang Squat Snatch: 5x2 @ 90% of a...since a was a new pr, I decided to not go with 90%, which would have been 85#. I went with 80# and it felt like more than enough. Still struggle from the hang a bit, but was pleased with 80#.

    A. Back Squat: 6x4 @ 80% = 115#...the fourth rep on all sets felt really hard and I felt my butt come up before my legs pushed up.
    B. Good Mornings: 4x8 = I chose 75#
    C. Weighted Hip Extensions: 4x15 = 25# plate
    **Because my low back has felt tight AND because of time restriction, I only did three sets of B & C.

    WOD: For Time...unfortunately was unable to get to. Looks good, so would like to make it up somewhere!

  2. Squats/Accessory
    A. Back Squat: 6 x 4 @ 80% - 165# - these felt kinda tough by the end, I'm sure that's not a good sign
    B. Good Morning: 4 x 8 - 75#
    C. Weighted Hip Extensions: 4 x 15 - yikes! I only held a 15# plate, but my legs felt it. I was pretty wobbly after I got off the GHD. Obviously a weak spot and so a good exercise for me.

    I had Oly class with Jess, so I did
    - 3x3 Tall Snatch
    - 7-8 sets of 2 snatch lift-offs, 1 snatch, 2 OHS. I got through the complex at 115#, but failed on the snatch at 125# (5# off my max).
    - 3x3 snatch pull, shrug and hold - last set was at 145#

    I didn't have much time left, so didn't mess with setting up a bar and just did a 5 min EMOM of 10 pull-ups to work on my butterfly.