Sunday, June 8, 2014

Monday 6/9

a. 5 Sets: 1 High Hang Squat Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Snatch
b. EMOM x 5: 2 Clean and Jerks
c. Good Morning: Build to a Heavy Triple

Gymnastics, EMOM x 7: 5 MU/ MU Progression work

Rotating EMOM x 18
a. 6 Back Squats (you choose weight, should be challenging with good positioning)
b. 15 Cal Airdyne
c. 10 T2B

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  1. **Did this workout Tuesday...Did a 3 x 4:00min AMRAP with the CFKC class on Mon

    a. 5 sets: (I only did the pulls from each of these positions because of my shoulder) Started at 65# and worked up to 95#, going up each set.

    b. EMOM x 5: 2 clean and jerks - started at 85# and worked up to 105#...second jerk at 105# hurt a little, so good stopping point.

    c. Good Morning: Build to heavy triple - got to 100# after 4 attempts...back is still tight from last week's heavy deads, so I was in between a high rack and low rack with the bar during these.

    Gymnastics: I did try a couple progressions, but ended up skipping this because it did not feel good on my shoulder.

    Rotating EMOM x 18
    a. 6 back squats (I chose 85#)
    b. 15 cal AD
    c. 10 T2B (I subbed TTR because we did a bunch of T2B Monday)

    I really tried to push myself, so this was tough. I probably could have managed 95# on the squats, but I wanted to be able to keep moving through them. 85# wasn't exactly easy today, but I was able to keep good form and speed with that weight. It drives me a little crazy how great squats can feel one day and how awful and heavy they can feel the next week.

    I was really happy I decided to sub TTR...the first round felt weird on my shoulder, and I couldn't even do that set unbroken. But I tried to not rotate through my shoulders as much on the other sets and was able to get the rest unbroken without any pain or discomfort, so that was a big deal for me today.

    Every move took me 25 secs or less, except the AD...the last three rounds of AD took 30-35secs. I liked the rotating EMOM because it forced me to get on with the next movement before I might think I'm ready.