Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tuesday 6/24

Track Workout: 
A. 800m Time Trial
B. 10 x 100m, rest as needed between efforts
C. EMOM x 5: 15 Burpees* This is to be AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. We are trying to increase cycle time with this!


  1. Was unable to make it to a track today, so I just ran 2.5 miles at a quick pace.
    I really want to do the burpee emom, so I will try to make it up on Sat.

  2. Did Wednesday's workout.

    Lifting-Clean built up to 130#, this felt great. However, I can tell I need to work on this to get back to my last PR weight. Slowly getting back in.

    Bench/Accessory: A. Build to a 5RM - 90#
    B. 3x5 @90% of A. which was 80#

    Skipped back squats, as I did these yesterday, tried to squeeze them in the rest of the week but did not get to it.

    EMOM x 7: 3 squat cleans worked up to 115# this got rough. Legs are sore, trying to get back into all the squatting.

    Rest 5 min

    EMOM x7 : 2 squat cleans at 120#