Sunday, October 6, 2013


10-15 minutes weakness work: 2 Options 
A. Work up to a heavy 3 on bench press
B.  3 X Max Effort Ring Rows (rest 90 seconds between efforts)

Strength: 6 x 2 Muscle Snatch


EMOM for 12 Minutes (alternating)
A. 5 Power Cleans @ 70% 1RM
B. 200 M Row

Rest 4 Minutes, then:

4 Rounds
60 Seconds Max Wallballs 
60 Seconds Rest

Rest 4 Minutes, then:

EMOM for 12 Minutes (alternating)
A. 20 T2B
B. 10 Walking Lunges 95#/65#


  1. Weakness option A: 215#, could have done more but was already worried about running out of time on the WOD

    Strength: Very light weight, felt awkward

    WOD: EMOM: 165# clean felt good, took me about 45 seconds for the row

    Wall balls: 31 round 1, 30 for the remaining 3 rounds...shoulders started getting worn out

    EMOM: This was rough, Was only able to get 20 T2B for first 3 rounds. The lunges felt fine just couldn't seem to recover for this entire EMOM!

  2. Weakness:
    EMOM 8 mins lateral shoulder raises - worked up to 25# DB.
    EMOM 8 mins DB bench press - worked up to 70#

    Strength: 85#, 85#, 95#, 105#, 115#, 115#. Concentrated on pulling the bar into my shins, full triple extension without pushing the bar away with my hips and good external rotation. 115# felt good, and was still a muscle snatch.

    EMOM 1:
    Did 175# the first round, was too heavy. Dropped to 155# (my body weight is 165#). Rows were taking about 40 sec. This was a gasser! Couldn't believe I made it by the end - it was very taxing, but I just kept moving.

    Wall Ball: 27, 30, 28, 27. Was at 24hr fitness, so had to use a 16# MB.

    EMOM 2
    Got 20 K2E the first round but realized it would be tough to maintain. Dropped to 15 and did dumbell lunges with 45# since it was too far to walk to the barbell at 24 hour. Kept 15 K2E throughout.

    This was tough a tough set of WODS. When I first started Crossfit, just one of these would be rough - much less back to back. I can see the value with these, really pushing the concept of sustained power and work.

  3. Weakness: worked butterfly pull-ups instead. Getting there...

    Strength: Definitely felt weird. Did most of them from a hang. Worked up to 85#, the last time through I really pressed it, but got it up there. That is about 80% of my 1RM Snatch.

    EMOM 1: Started at 70% of my 1RM (95#) on the cleans, but someone kept adding weight and I ended up at 120# (almost 90% of my 1RM - or at least what I thought was my 1RM). It was definitely tough by the end, but all rounds were unbroken. Row - After the 2nd round or so, switched to rowing only 150m to give myself time to get off the rower and over to my bar.

    Wall Ball: 30, 28, 25,25. Shoulders were toast on this, it wasn't my legs giving out. I even made sure to drop my arms between reps to help shake them out, but didn't help much.

    EMOM 2: Did 20 T2B first two rounds, then switched to 15 and barely got those in, did push and get 20 the last round too. Just got really frustrated. Lunges were fine, just more about keeping moving than anything.

    Today didn't look too awful on paper, but I was definitely done by the end. Good day :)

  4. Weakness: ME Ring Dips- 1st set-13, 2nd-10, 3rd-8

    Strength: First time doing these. 95, 115, 135, 155 x 3. Tried for 165, no luck.

    EMOM 1: Started round 1 with 205; WAY TOO HEAVY! Had to restart with 185 and even that was tough. Finished cleans in about 20-30 seconds each round, but the row killed me too. Each 200M Row took about 45-50 seconds... which equaled no rest really.

    EMOM 2:20# Wallballs- 30, 30, 28, 28. 116 total. Wanted all 30 each round, but my legs started really burning on round 3.

    EMOM 3: Took time to help with some classes in between EMOM2 and this one, so felt pretty fresh. Able to get 20 UB T2B on first 3 rounds, then broke up into sets of 5 on the later rounds. Walking lunges were easy, really light.