Monday, October 28, 2013


Gymnastics: 3 Rounds
A. 10 second 1 arm hang (each arm)
B. 10 Dips

Strength: EMOM for 8 Minutes
3 Clean Pulls (95%+; meant to be explosive and fast; once the velocity starts to slow do not add more weight)

3 x 400 M Sprints (1:1 rest/work)

rest 10 Minutes 

EMOM for 8 Minutes: 14 burpees

rest 5 Minutes

6 Min AMRAP (with a partner)
Max C2B pull-ups (one rest the other works)


  1. Gymnastics: A: the one arm hangs were tougher than I expected, especially left handed. I was able to complete them without dropping though.
    B: Check, did strict ring dips

    Strength: 215#, hope I was doing this right. I watched the video and tried to focus on pulling correctly

    subbed 3X400 m rows since it was cold and dark out. Was completing a round in about 1:20 and resting equal time

    Burpees were rough, was able to get all 14 rounds 1-4 then kept sliding only getting 10 the final set

    Sean and I did the C2B together, getting 68 and 75 for a total 143

  2. Gymnastics: Same as Luke, the one arm hangs were a little harder than expected, but do-able. Did ring dips, definitely took me some time though.

    Strength: I started at 135# (95%) and worked up to 175#, I wanted to go higher, but my deadlift was limiting me. If I can get it off the ground, I can get some good velocity, it's just that first couple of inches that really get me.

    Sprints - 1:27 (uphill), 1:34 (downhill), 1:47 (uphill) These felt terrible today, definitely have a cold and that didn't help.

    Burpees - Made it through with the full 14 each round. I paced myself on the first couple of rounds, so I think that helped. I felt it a lot in my triceps after doing those ring dips.

    C2B - Did this on my own while Jay and Matt alternated. I ended up with 37 total C2B, I was just glad to see that I could do them again after last week when I really struggled. I was able to link up to 5 at a time.

    I have my in-laws in town, so I'm going to struggle to get into the gym for the next couple of days. I'll just do what I can.