Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Strength 1: Alternating for 10 Minutes
A. Odd: 5 Strict C2B
B. Even: Push Press 5 x 5 (70,75,75,80,80)
*If you don’t have a 1 RM, establish one then complete strength

Strength 2: Deadlift 4 x 5 
*Take 2-4 warm-up sets to get to starting weight. Start first set with a moderately heavy weight; goal is to add weight (5-10# per set). We will be doing this strength progression for the next few weeks and the goal will be to be 5-10# heavier on your last set each week so do not treat this like a 5 RM

WOD: Every 90 Seconds for 12 Minutes:
25 yard heavy prowler/sled push (you choose weight)

Core: 4 Rounds (NFT):
Max L-sit hold
Max T2B


  1. Strength 1: Didn't have the strength today to actually find 1RM of Push press, so I guesstimated based off my strict press (30% more than that, according to L1 class). 170, 185, 200#. Did pretty well on the strict pullups, only needed to band it on the last round. Push press felt really heavy on the last round.

    Strength 2: After warm up, 315, 325, 335, 345. Back was a little tight, so these felt a little heavy.

    WOD: 315#. Very very taxing on the glutes and quads. Fun though. I'd like to see more of this movement for sure.

    Core: about 10-20 seconds on each Lsit. Consistently got 13-15 each round.

  2. Strength 1: like Patrick guessed on my push press using strict press numbers. 135#, 135#, 140#, 145#, 150# started to get tough at the end, the C2B were no problems

    Strength 2: After warm up, 255#, 265#, 275#, 285#. My goal was 300# but I didn't realize we only had 4 rounds, hope this makes increasing as we go better

    WOD: 315#, I was finishing a rep in 10 seconds or under, didn't think it was that tough. Plenty of rest between sets

    Core: about 15 seconds on L sits, and 20 on T2B

  3. Strength 1:
    A. C2B - used a black band to get these without kipping
    B. Found my 1RM first - 125#, so my sets were 85#, 90#, 90#, 100#, 100# - last set was challenging

    Strength 2: Started at 145# after my warmup. So, my sets were 145#, 150#, 155#, 160#. These felt a lot better than they did the other day. But, excited to see some DL work, working my weaknesses!

    I did the Lurong WOD next - 3 burpees, 3 Front Squats (65#), 3 Push Press (65#), 100 m. Farmer Carry (35# in each hand), then 5 of each, 7 of each, 9 of each, 11 of each and then 13 burpee pull-ups

    WOD: 180# - good times.

    Core: stayed at 15 seconds L-sit hold, but T2B dropped off by about 2 each round, starting with 12. My shoulders definitely felt done by the end. Glad tomorrow is active rest.