Sunday, October 6, 2013


10- 15 minutes of weakness work: 3 Options
A. Muscle-up progressions
B. Double under practice
C. Overhead Squat: work up to a heavy set of 3 but while maintaining perfect form

10-15 Minutes of Strong'ness' work (something you are good at)

400 M Run

3 RDS:
3/side split jerk (165#/105)*may use rack
6 C2B

400 M Run

4 RDS:
4 DL 275#/185#
4 Deficit HSPU (2 x 45#/25# plate deficit)

400 M Run


  1. Performed on Wednesday 10/9

    Weakness: DUs!!!!!! any help here guys? Anyone know of any DU seminars around the area? So weak at this I took the Strong'ness time for this too

    WOD: 15:20
    The split jerks felt good but heavy, I was rolling along until rounds 3/4 of HSPU, couldn't recover so I spent a lot of time trying and failing for rep 4 on both rounds

  2. Showing my ignorance here - what is a side split jerk? Or is it 3/side, so do six total, working both feet forward?

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  4. I will be in at noon today. I worked till 5 am and need my beauty sleep. Any who care to join are welcome.

  5. Only had 40 mins between soccer games, so I squeezed in what I could. I really wanted to get that DL part in because that is probably my #1 weakness (as long as I'm allowed about 3 #1 weaknesses). Here is what I got in:

    -10 mins DU practice for warmup
    - run 400
    -worked up to 105# x 3 on OHS, didn't have time to try another set, but think I could have gotten at least another 5#. Worst part was getting the bar up there.
    -run 400
    -1 round of DL/HSPUs (all I could fit in before I had to run) - 185# felt HEAVY!! I struggled to get it off the ground. HSPUs were totally fine, since I usually do them with deficit. I used the 45s just because I like to save my head with an abmat.

  6. Weakness: Kind of did a little bit of a circuit here with these. I can improve on all so I did them all. Still working on the strict muscle up (false grip, BIG pull to the low chest, strength), then did about 50 DU before moving on to the OHS. 135, 185, 195. I don't know if it's because my glutes and hams were extremely sore from those walking lunges or the muscle snatch work, but I felt really weak on these. Did about 4-5 rounds total till moving on.

    Strong'ness: BENCH PRESS!!!! 135 WU, 225, 245, 255, and 265. Even though I'm pretty good at these, they felt heavy. Only did about 3 each round.

    WOD: I skipped the running in this because I'm way too good at it.......yeah right.
    14:55. I focused really hard on keeping my runs between 1:40 to 2:00, which may have burnt me for the other stuff. Took a lot of recovery to get the weights done. 165# Jerks felt fine, but awkward going from right to left. C2B were no problem. DL was easy, pretty light weight (this was a little less than 70% of my 1RM, versus about 90%for Liz's), HSPU were fine. No problem.