Sunday, October 6, 2013


400 M run
Shoulder exercise sequence with band (posted as a link on resources page)

Skill: 5 sets of 3 position squat snatch @ 75% 1RM

Strength 1:
Press: 3-3-3-3-3 @85% 1RM


Sprint Chipper 
21 KB Swings 70#/53#
15 DB Thrusters 40#/25#
9 burpee-over-the-box jumps (feet may land on top of box) 30"/24"
*3 Minutes is goal

Rest 3 Minutes

For Time: 1k Row


  1. Warm up: check

    3 Pos Squat Snatch: @75# These took a bit to get my form right again. For one of my 3 positions, I was using a below the knee hang and I had a really ugly snatch from there and so changed to doing a high hang, one just above the knee and one from the ground. The weight was fine, my form was just struggling. I think I am over-thinking it right now.

    Strict Press: @85# (oops! 85% should have been 80#). Because I was doing 90% instead of 85% of my 1RM, these felt hard!! I really struggled on the third rep on a couple of my sets. Guess I still need work on the whole following directions thing.

    WOD: 2:22 Those KB swings were heavy (as usual), but got through them unbroken. DB Thrusters felt a little awkward. Having a time goal was helpful, but even better was doing it with Matt and Patrick and trying to keep up with them.

    1K Row: 3:59 - I definitely went out too hard on the first 250m. Lesson learned.

  2. Warm up: 400 M run only.

    Squat Snatches: 165#. I do these from a very high hand first, to a low hang just above the knees, then a full squat snatch. First rep felt heavy, but after that, technique improved and strength seemed good.

    Strict Press: did these after the WOD so I could do the WOD with Liz and Matt. 165#. These felt really heavy on all sets. I think I need to supplement with some other shoulder strength exercises. Only got 1 on the last round.

    WOD: 2:10. KB were great, unbroken and felt really strong. Thrusters were a completely weird movement, felt like an unfolded lawn chair; but I was able to split into a set of 10 and set of 5, Burpee over boxes were good. Kept pace and finished strong.

    1K Row: just like Liz and Matt, went out way too hard in the start and suffered for it. 4:00 exactly. Sad panda

  3. Nate Loback -

    Warm Up - 1/2 mile run in the sunshine...felt awesome
    Squat Snatches - reped these at 95# because I really need to work on some mechanics with my snatch. By the end, triple extension and external shoulder rotation to full lock was feeling really good. If I can work this consistently, my snatch will jump big time. Current PR is 145#.

    Strict Press - have some pain on the top of my clavicle, so decided to throw a new movement in here. Constantly varied, right? I did 5x5 lateral dumbell raises with 25#. Actually felt really good the way it activated my shoulders.

    WOD: 2:18 unbroken. Damn you Patrick! I would have pushed harder for those 8 seconds!

    1k Row: Ok, least I took you on 1/2 today Patrick! Except you are a beast and can lift heavy shit.

    Rolled, stretched and did hollow rocks and dragonflies after the wod. Came home, jumped in a HOT shower, then immediately in an ice bath.

    It's great to see everyone's time so close. It's great validation to compare to other athletes and I like how this is pushing us through competition....even if just on the blog:)



  4. Warm up: Check

    Skill: like Patrick I do high hang (waist high), low hang (just above the knee), and full snatch...I worked up to 135# I really like doing the 3 position work. I can see I'm strong enough to do the weight it just highlights weaknesses.

    Strict press: 115# felt tough by the end

    WOD: 3:00, I don't know which would have taken longer but I forgot the burpee in burpee box jumps so I did 9 burpees shortly after realizing that I forgot them. Same as everyone else where the thrusters felt weird.

    1K row: 4:20, saved too much for the end