Sunday, October 13, 2013


Skill 1: 15 Minutes working on Atlas Stone Ground-to-shoulder technique (goal is to progressively add weight and accumulate no more than 25 reps)

Skill 2: 10 Minutes Working on Rope Climb Technique. Then, 2 x Max Effort Rope Climbs in 2 Minutes (Rest 60 Seconds between efforts)

Strength: Alternating Every 90 Seconds for 12 Minutes (unbroken only):
A. Max Effort Strict HSPU
B. Max Effort Strict Pull-ups
C. Max Effort Kipping HSPU
D. Max Effort Kipping/Butterfly Pull-ups

3 Rounds: 
21 KB Swings 70#/53#
15 Deadlift 245#/165#
9 Burpee
*2 Minutes Rest Between Rounds

Then, Immediately Following Last Round: 125 DU for Time
*Note total time and DU split time


  1. Skill 1: our gym has limited number of atlas stones, started with the lightest and worked up to the heaviest (145#), did a few reps at this weight. Wasn't very tough, wish we had more weight.

    Skill 2: Think I'm finally getting the "pinch" with my feet, practiced a few legless reps as well. I was getting about 5 climbs/2 minute

    Strength: I don't know if I was spent from yesterday or what but I was disappointed in my number here
    A: 7 and 6
    B: 13 and 10
    C: 11 and 10
    D: 15 and 12

    WOD: finished the workout in 14:14, overall 24:00
    broke deadlift into 3X5 and had to break up the KBs in rounds 2 and 3
    clearly need work on DUs, just got a rope so I'm hoping to get better

  2. This was a fun day, until I had to do the DLs. Next week, Dan - please, please help me figure out my DL, or just a plan to make it stronger.

    Skill 1: Atlas stones, only worked up to the 95# stone

    Skill 2: Feel pretty good on these, need to keep working on keeping my arms straight on that first pull up with my legs. First 2 mins: 5 climbs, second 2 mins: 4 climbs. I'll have a nice bruise on my shin for the next couple of weeks.

    Strength: Felt pretty good on these, except for the strict HSPUs
    A - Strict HSPU - 4 then 4
    B - Strict PUs - 4 then 3
    C - Kipping PUs - 25 then 17
    D - Kipping PUs - 17 then Butterfly PUs - 10 (excited about this! - they are coming along)

    WOD: Splits were 3:20, 3:43, 4:33 + DU time of 2:44 so total time of 18:23. Those DLs felt worse today at 165# than they did at 175# a week or two ago. I did the first round of KB swings unbroken, then the second round with one break and the third with two. DLs were broken up into sets of 3-5 on the first round, then in the next rounds, there were 1s, 2s, and 3s - it was ugly and frustrating!!!

  3. Skill 1: I'm with Luke on this one, not enough weight. 145# was pretty easy. Did a few at this weight, just to go through the movements.

    Skill 2: 1st 2 min= 7 1/2 climbs, 2nd 2 min= 6 climbs. Pretty happy with the numbers here. However, these killed the distal (lower) part of my biceps. If this workout was at the beginning of a WOD, it would kill me on pullpus and other bicep heavy movements.

    Strict HSPU: 17 & 7
    Strict PU: 5 & 5
    Kipping HSPU: 22 & 14
    Kipping PU: 14 butterfly & 9 kipping

    WOD: 15:20 total time. Splits were 1:45, 2:22, and 2:53. DU took me 4:20. Felt strong on this WOD. All KB were unbroken, 1st round of DL was unbroken, 2nd was split in halt, and 3rd were sets of 5. Burpees suck. DU are getting more consistent. I tried to break them up into sets of 10, but in hindsight I should have tried for higher reps for a faster time.