Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Skill: Tabata Pistols

Strength: 3 RM Front Squat (from a rack)


A. EMOM for 10 Min
5 Strict Pull-ups + 12 Box Jumps 24"/20"

Rest 5 Minutes, then:

B. Alternating for 12 Minutes
8 OHS 135#/95#
10 KB Swings 70#/53#

Rest 3 Minutes, then:

C. 50 Burpees over the bar for time


  1. I'm planning on being in the gym around noon for this WOD on Saturday. Any additional competitors are welcome.

  2. Skill: Pistols felt pretty good - 8 each round except the last 3 when I got 7 a round

    Strength: 3RM Front Squat - 145#, didn't go to failure though. Hopefully I have another 5#-10# in me. Just didn't want to push too much at a strange gym with no one to spot me

    A. EMOM - did 3 strict pull-ups, not 5

    B. When it said "alternating for 12 mins", I thought I was supposed to do it as an EMOM. After the first round, I realized I couldn't, so kept to pretty much an every 90 seconds pace. That left me with 8 rounds in the 12 mins. The OHS was really heavy for me, shoulders were just toast from the previous two days.

    C. Burpees over bar - 3:05. finished the first 25 in 1:25, so slowed a little, but not much.