Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Skill 1: Establish a 1 RM Snatch

Skill 2: At 60% of your 1 RM Snatch: 
3 x Max Effort Unbroken Snatches (touch-and-go, power or squat)
* Rest 1 Minute between attempts 

Skill 3: Alternating EMOM for 10 Minutes
Odd: 1 attempt Max HS Walk 
Even: 3 MU Progressions

A. Work up to a 1 RM Pendlay Row (perfect form)
B. Max Effort reps at 70% 1 RM (unbroken, touch-and-go)

WOD: 4 Rounds
15 Thrusters 105#/70#
15 C2B
* Rest 2 minutes between rounds (goal is to feel recovered so you can treat each round like a sprint)


  1. Skill 1: 165#, knew I was going to be short on time so didn't give this everything I had

    Skill 2: 105#, 3x10...power on most

    Overall I was disappointed in myself today, the short time frame made me rush and not feel good about my lifts

    Skill 3: Need work on HS walk, was only getting about 15 feet. I like doing HS walks. Did various exercises for MU progression

    Strength: Didn't have time for this, no 6 AM class left me really short on time

    WOD: Here are my splits with roughly 2 mins between each, 1:34, 2:04, 2:31, 2:07
    The thrusters killed me, was able to go unbroken the first set, 10 and 5 the second set, then 3 x 5 for the third and fourth set. C2B wasn't bad, just spent from the thrusters

  2. Skill 1: 215#, almost 225#. I pretty quickly matched my previous snatch PR, only took about 5-6 snatches working up till I matched. Then I spent the next hour trying to increase to a new PR @ 225. Consistently got the weight overhead, but could not stand up with it. My lower back seemed to buckle, which just means my posterior chain needs to be strengthened; glutes and lower back. Really disappointed I couldn't stick it. Also, all my heavy attempts were from the hang. Something weird with pulling from the ground.

    Skill 2: 135#, 9, 7, and 5. I was pretty spent after the PR attempts.

    Skill 3: HS walks were terrible. Still only able to do about 5 feet each round. Need to improve my body position. I decided to do 3 bar MU each round. I was able to link all 3 each round. Pretty happy with that.

    Strength: 1RM=195#, ME @ 135= 13 reps

    WOD: 12:20 total time: Splits were 1:05, 1:30, 1:40, and about 1:50. Thrusters were easy, able to go unbroken on 3 out of 4 rounds, and split into 7 and 8 on final round. C2B were tougher than anticipated, my hands were hurting. 1st couple rounds, I was able to link 5-8; on later rounds only 1-3 linked.

  3. 1RM Snatch: Only got up to 100#, 5# off my old PR. Just felt off today and then spent way too much time trying to get it and should have just stopped when it wasn't feeling good.

    Skill 2: 9, 8, and 8 snatches at 65# - like I said, i shouldn't have spent an hour trying to get my 1RM

    EMOM: HS walks felt good, made it across the gym a couple of times

    Strength: 100# was my 1RM - did 9 of them unbroken

    WOD: 2:20 (had to break in the middle to go help a kid), 2:20, 2:10 and then 2:15. I ended up switching to butterfly pull-ups for the second two rounds because my C2B were just not working, it was a huge kip and one rep every time, so I switched it up. Like I said, I shouldn't have worked so long on the snatch, I was totally spent by the end, especially in my shoulders.

    Overall, kind of a discouraging day.