Sunday, October 13, 2013


5 Min working on Proper Breathing Technique-

Gymnastics: 10 Minutes working on Muscle-up Progressions and 2 x Max Effort Muscle-ups if you have them

Skill: Snatch Balance, 15 Minutes to work up to a heavy set of 3

Strength: Alternating Every 90 Seconds for 12 Minutes
A. 5 Rep Bench Press (heavy)
B. 5 Rep Bench Isometric Rows (8-10 second hold) pick appropriate weight

WOD: 6 x 200 M Hill Sprints (recovery is time spent walking back to the 400 M turnaround)

Core: 3 x 25 Weighted abmat sit-ups 20#/14# (rest 90 seconds between efforts)


  1. Gymnastics: Feel more comfortable with the progression work, stronger, didn't try for a muscle up

    Skill: worked up to 165# which is my snatch max

    Strength: A. 185# B. 25# DB. Had to improvise on the bench for the rows which made it more difficult

    WOD: kind of glad I couldn't see a clock for this. I was spent after 1 and definitely got slower as I went

    Didn't have time for core

  2. Gymnastics: worked MU transitions, also tried for max butterfly pull-ups - got to 7 before I got off my rhythm. Progress.

    Snatch Balance: worked up to 85#, felt pretty solid on those, probably could have gotten at least 5# more.

    Strength: A. 95# B. 20# DBs bench felt a little off, could use some form work here. Rows felt fine, but saw Patrick doing it on an incline later and wish I would have done that.

    WOD: If these were 100s, I would have rocked them. The 200s felt rough though. Kept hitting a wall about the 100-150 mark. Definitely felt strange when the uphill stopped and it started downhill, I actually preferred the uphill, but that might have just been because that was at the beginning ;).

    Core: check. Even got to mess around with some Rocky-style sit-ups and some other torture device Patrick cooked up. Fun stuff.

  3. Gymnastics: still working on strict muscle ups. getting a little more strength. UB MU- 4 and 2. My grip keeps giving out on the linking of these. Need to work on that.

    Snatch balance: 155# final couple sets. These felt good.

    Strength: Did these after the sprint WOD, 225# and 35# DB. I inclined the bench a little bit to increase the range of motion. Seemed to help.

    WOD: Sprinted all out with Liz in the snow. Felt cold and slow. I kept hitting a wall at about 150 each time, especially as the day went on. Sprinting is better than endurance though.

    Core: Did it. Then played on the jungle gym.