Sunday, October 13, 2013


Weakness: 10 minutes working on your weakest gymnastics movement (includes DU, pull-ups, MU, pistols, etc)

Technique: EMOM for 7 Minutes:
1 Squat Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean (starting at 55%, working up to 75%- do not go higher)

400 M Med ball bear hug run 20#/14# (hug ball with both hands, cannot be on shoulders) 

3 Rds:
7 sit-up wallballs 20#/14# (basically, do a sit-up then a wall ball)
2 Bear Complexes 165#/105#

3 Rds:
2 KB Clusters 70#/53# -  (only difference from the demo is that it is with 2 KB, one per hand, and the kettlebells do not have to touch the ground between reps)
8 burpee box jumps 30"/24"

30 meter Front Rack lunges 135#/85# (walk bar into parking lot and complete there, time stops when you run back inside)


  1. Luke, Patrick and I did this one on Sunday - fun (heavy) times, you all are sorry you missed it! Or, maybe you all did it, but aren't commenting - SHAME! Put your stuff up here people, it's more fun for everyone that way and Dan can program for all of us better if he has feedback. :)

    Weakness: so hard to choose just one! Worked muscle ups, watched Patrick get his BAR Muscle Up!! Congrats, Patrick.

    Technique: started at 75#, worked up to 105# - these felt great and light :)

    WOD: Total time - 15:22

    Med ball run - for some reason this fatigued my biceps, but otherwise it was entertaining, felt like I was pregnant and running again.

    Sit-up Wallballs - made my shoulders tired, but otherwise ok

    Bear Complex - felt heavy! Was having trouble locking out the presses.

    KB Clusters - WOW. I did these with the 35# KBs because I just couldn't make the 53# ones get off the ground in any sort of a clean motion. Even the 35#ers were tough, but they did get easier as I progressed through them, as I got more comfortable with the movement.

    Burpee Box Jumps: fine.

    Lunges: did them unbroken, didn't feel too bad.

  2. Vee
    OK, guilted me into logging again! Let's see how much I can remember:

    Brandy & I worked out together. Weakness - I chose DUs, only b/c I'm so frustrated that I was once able to do these! Getting there.

    Technique: We worked together on 1 bar, and we ended up at 85#; felt good; form is getting more controlled;

    WOD: can't remember total time, but I want to say we were much faster than Liz.
    Med ball run - ditto (Liz)
    Sit-up Wallballs - weren't sure if we were supposed to stand up on these, so we didn't;
    Bear Complex - dropped down to 75# & felt good; should've done 85#, but was feeling weak by Saturday;
    We messed up this part - somehow did rope climbs instead of KB Clusters???? I need to try those & have someone show me what they are.
    Lunges - used 75# & my butt/hamstrings still sore today, Monday

  3. Technique: Worked on MU's. Finally got my Bar MU, and then spent the rest of the time helping Liz and Luke with their MU.

    EMOM: 145, 155, 165, 175. These felt good.

    WOD: 18:20
    Med Ball run fatigued my lower back more than anything, but also got me breathing harder than I should have been for a 400 run. Every movement in this WOD seemed heavy and taxing. The Med ball cleans were kind of weird, took a little to get used to. Bear complex's were heavy as well. Only 20# short of my last set Bear complex record. The Cluster's with 70# KB are quite possibly the worst thing I've ever done. Very technical and brutal. By the end, I could only do 3-4 lunges without failing. It took a few minutes to just finish the lunges.