Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Saturday 7/12

A. Box Back Squat: 12 x 2 @ 60%
B. Chinese Arches: 2 x :60, 2 x :90

3 Rounds Of:
10 Squat Clean Thrusters 135/95 
1 Minute Max Burpee C2B Pull Up
2 Minute Max Cal row 
Rest 2 minutes  (5 Muscle Up in each rest period!!)
(Yes, you rest 2 min after each round, then rest a total of 7 minutes once you have completed all 3 rounds for parts one and two)

—–5 minutes rest—–

3 Rounds of:
10 Shoulder to Overhead 185/135
1 Min Max T2B 
2 Min Max Box Jumps 24″
Rest 2 minutes between rounds (10 HSPU in each rest period, preferably strict!!)

—–5 minutes rest—–

Strict Pull Up 
Strict Ring Dip 
KB Snatch 24/16K (each arm)

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  1. *I skipped Friday's workout and did this on Friday

    A. Box Back Squats: 12x2 @ 60% = 95#...These felt awesome. I really love box squats!
    B. Chinese Arches: 2x:60, 2x:90...I still just did 4x:60 with a 45# plate. I may not be positioned exactly right because my back tightens up so bad right at a min.

    3 Rounds of:
    10 Squat clean thrusters 95# (I had to scale to 75# with my shoulder)
    1 min max burpee c2b
    2 min max cal row

    The squat clean thrusters were tough. Because my back was tight and shoulder hurts, I felt like I needed to go really slow to keep good form. The first round I got 8 burpee c2b & 29 cals, second round was 7 c2b + 1 burpee & 28 cals, third round was 7 c2b + 1 burpee & 27 legs just felt dead by the time I got on the rower.

    3 Round of:
    10 shoulder to OH 135#
    1 min max T2B
    2 min max Box Jumps 24"
    *I subbed 25# DB press for shoulder to OH and subbed TTR for T2B because these movements felt better on my shoulder.

    First round I did DB press in two sets of 7 then 3, got 21 TTR and had 20 box jumps with 20 seconds left on the clock. I hit my shin really bad and twisted my knee when I came down, so I had quite a break between round 1 & 2 to clean up my leg and walk it off. Round two I did the DB presses in two sets of 6 then 4, got 23 TTR & 22 box jumps. Round three I did DB presses in three sets of 4, then 4, then 2, got 22 TTR & 25 box jumps.

    I was feeling really beat up, so didn't do the last section of this workout. I did some accessory work of hip thrusts 3x15 @ 65#, KB swings 3x20 @ 35# and kipping pull-ups 3x10.