Monday, July 7, 2014

Tuesday 7/8

Track Workout: Yasso Progression
6 x 800m, goal is to maintain same time on all five so do not go out too fast (1:1, work: rest)


  1. This is the first running day I have done, which just proved to myself I need to be doing these weekly. I do not enjoy running. This was a little rough, but I know as I continue to do these I will only improve.

    1. 3:56
    2. 3:47
    3. 4:00
    4. 4:06
    5. 4:06
    6. 4:05

    I did this at the gym, so the first part is up hill, I will try to get to a track to do it next time.

  2. I did Monday's WOD today and ran 2 miles. I feel like I am really beating myself up, so I may need to adjust back to only four days a week. I think it also just depends on what we do in a week (volume, lifts, etc).

    A. AMRAP 3 - 27 reps, t2b is still something I struggle with, so they slow me down big time in a WOD. BUT, when I started CrossFit, I could not even pick up a 135# deadlift, so to knock out 10 like it's no big deal feels really good.

    B. AMRAP 4 - 54 reps...Again, very proud of being able to do the deadlift with ease. I am usually really good and efficient at box jumps, but my legs were tired, so I was not rebounding and I started with 4 step-ups each round.

    C. AMRAP 5 - I was a bit pressed for time again, so skipped this round. 185# is my max, so I was going to adjust this to 165 or 170, I was looking forward to seeing how far I got on this round. Hoping to make this WOD up sometime soon.
    A. AMRAP 3