Friday, January 10, 2014


10 Minutes Weakness work

Strength 1: Work up to a heavy single Front Squat 

Strength 2: 
a. Work up to a heavy single Back Squat
b. Back Squat: 4 x 3 (you choose weight)

WOD 1: 
EMOM until you fail:
3 Cleans 185#/135# 
3 Front Squats 185#/135#
3 Jerks 185#/135#
*Most, if not all of you, will have to modify. I would recommend trying to use weight somewhere in the 60-65% range of your 1 RM Clean & Jerk

Rest as Needed

WOD 2: 200 Double-Unders for time

CHECK-IN: If you guys could keep posting, that would be great. Also, make sure you are continuously telling me how your body feels and how it is adjusting to the volume. I want to know if something isn't working or is too challenging so I can adjust the programming


  1. Skipped the 10 min of weakness work, short on time.

    Front Squats- Finished at 170 which is a new PR.

    Back Squats- A. Did a 1 Rep max at 200#, which is also a new PR. I am pretty sure I could have done more as the 200# felt pretty good. Thanks Dan for all the heavy lifting it is working!!! Loving it.
    B. Did 155#, these felt good

    WOD: EMOM until you fail
    I did 95#, which was probably too light. Made it through all 10 minutes and had about 20 seconds to spare each time. However, I was really trying to focus on my jerk. Been struggling with it. Getting under it, verses pushing it.

    WOD 2: 200 Double unders-completed this in 4:30 seconds. Really kills my forearms, any suggestions? But linked many together. Getting stronger every time on we do these.

    Overall, went into todays WOD feeling tired, but I did have two soccer games last night, and Friday is always harder for me. Legs were a little sore, but once I got warmed up I was okay. Overall super stoked to see that this is working and that we are all getting stronger.

  2. Worked MUs, getting closer, but not quite there - so frustrating!!

    Front Squat: Worked up to 165, felt pretty good, was going for a heavy single, not necessarily a 1RM

    Back Squat:
    A. Worked up to 185#, which is 5# over my 1RM and it felt good, I think I have another 5-10# if I was going for a 1RM

    B. Did 4x3 at 155# - felt pretty good on these too.

    Didn't do the WOD - did partner WOD at the competitors class - 100 DUs, 50 HSPU (partner holds HS), 50 T2B (partner hangs), 50 S2OH (105#, partner FR), then 90 ft. front rack lunges. Weakest parts were T2B and S2OH.

    Happy with the way the squats felt, I rested Wednesday, not Thursday, so my legs weren't as fresh as they might have been.