Monday, January 27, 2014


Gymnastics: 2 Options
A. 10 minutes of weakness work
B. 3 x Max Effort Muscle-ups

WOD: for time
1000 m Row
30 Deadlifts 185#/125#
20 Front Squats 185#/125#
30 Deadlifts 185#/125#
1000 m Row

A. 5 x 2 Squat Cleans @ 70-75%
B. Snatch Pull off riser: 3 x 3 @ 90% of Snatch 1 RM


  1. Nate Loback:

    Jenn, Robert, Brandy and I did this today at CKC. Dumbell shoulder press for weakness work, followed by a few sets of bar/ring muscle ups. Shoulders were not quite warm, so left it at sets of 3.

    17:33 @ 165#
    First row was 3:45, second was 4:11. 165# was plenty heavy to make this tough for me - and still conscious of my L5 anytime deadlift is involved. Broke the lifts up into sets of 5, breathing 12 times between each set. I was surprised I needed this much of a break - usually I can take 3-5 breaths, then get back into it. It's been a busy week and I haven't worked out since Tues - and eating/sleep has been shotty.....

    Continued dumbell shoulder work since this is a weakness for me. Press, high pull and lateral raises. I notice a big difference in everything else when I set time aside for these lifts.

  2. Gymnastics:
    I worked on kipping pull-ups

    WOD: 20:51
    Everything about this workout sucked for me today. My row splits were terrible and I am constantly thinking about my back and hip flexor. I didn't push it with weight today, but that's frustrating for me. I did DL at 100# and front squats at 65#.

    I skipped strength today. I feel awful about that, but I just am not feeling good. Going to take tomorrow off, do mobility work and try again Monday.

  3. I had an active rest day on Saturday - went snowboarding.

    Sunday, I couldn't make it into the gym, so I just did 7x5 back squats at home with 135# (light, but I didn't have a rack, so had to enlist the help of my husband to clean it and help me get the bar on my back). Alternated that with 7x5 strict pull-ups.

  4. Gymnastics-worked on strict pullups and did ring rows. Hurt my hand at soccer, unable to put pressure on palm.

    WOD: 17:46
    The DL's were a little rough coming off the first row. However, my row I kept around 2.05 pace. Which is pretty good for me. The DL's I broke up into 10's and then the FS, I could only link 3-4 at a time. Legs were fried.

    Squat cleans- 110#, these felt great.

    Snatch pull- 100#