Monday, January 6, 2014


Programming Note: Over the next few weeks we are going to gradually transition towards the part of the programming template that preps us for the Open, which begins February 27th (Remember, you must registert by January 15th!). This will mean that you see much more Open style workouts. Mainly, more AMRAPs with lighter weight and emphasis on the main movements used during the Open. This means we will be developing our engines and making strength a secondary concern. Thus, some days you might see WODs programmed before strength or days where there are only WODs. Additionally, if there are days where you cannot hit the prescribed percentages on a movement, squats for example, DO NOT GET DETERRED! You are going to be pushing hard in the WODs, which are the focus, and this may effect your strength. Just drop the weight to a point where you can complete the prescribed sets x reps. Finally, please follow it as programmed so you can hit the WODs hard!

Olympic Lifting 1: 
A. Build to a heavy 1 Rep Hang Snatch (Above Knee)
B. Take 70% of your 1 Rep Hang Snatch and complete 4 x 3 from the hang (sets x reps)

Strength 1: Build to a heavy 5 rep Bench

WOD: EMOM 10 Minutes
5 Burpee box jumps 24"/20"
15 Air Squats

*If you fail to complete a minute, rest the next

Strength 2: Clean Pull
5 x 3 @ 100% 1 RM Clean (sets x reps)


  1. Oly Lifting: A. Hang snatch-worked up to a 90#. 85# was strong, 90# was not very pretty technique wise.
    B. 65#- These felt great

    Strength 1: Bench Press-Worked up to 90#, probably could have gone heavier, had I not started so light and done so many reps up to the 90#.

    WOD: This appeared to be a fairly easy one. The first 5 minutes were great, then the legs and hips during the squats were on fire. But made it through every minute. The box jump burpees were easy.

    Strength 2: Clean pull - 145# Felt good, still need to work on a quicker pull from the ground, but its definitely getting better.

    I then worked on DL's, probably should not have, but did increase my DL max by 20 pounds. I know I can do more, but the legs were fried from the WOD and yesterdays WOD

  2. Snach:
    A. Worked up to a solid100# hang snatch
    B. Did 75# for my hang snatches - made them all squat snatch to work speed and bar path.

    Bench: Worked up to 5 @ 105#

    Did WOD at BCCF