Sunday, January 26, 2014


* I would really appreciate it if everyone could post to the comments section. It gives me a good feel of how you guys are reacting to the training and the volume and helps me understand if I need to change anything.

Gymnastics: 'Mini' Flight Simulator, 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5 Double Unders (each number is an unbroken set; go back to zero after completing each set. Each set is unbroken!) 

EMOM for 5 Minutes: 2 Squat Snatches at 75% 1 RM (drop bar in between reps)

WOD: 'Hard Cindy'
5 weighted pull-ups 35#/20#
10 Push-ups with feet on 30" box
15 squats holding 45#/25# plate

**WOD Scaling: 
A. Pull-ups: Scale to unweighted strict pull-ups or unweighted kipping
B. Push-ups: Scale the height of the box or reps, or even remove the box entirely
C. Squats: squats should not require scaling


  1. Sorry I haven't been posting. Just switched schedules at work, and switched gyms to Backcountry Crossfit. Getting used to their schedule and workouts too. I'll get better at posting.

  2. Gymnastics: Is it just me or is this mini flight simulator getting bigger and bigger? My DUs have improved a ton, I only missed a couple of times. But when I did, I got whipped hard! But, happy to be improving.

    EMOM: Just have to say - screw 7 sets of squats! My legs are SORE today and getting up out of the bottom of that squat was hard today, even with the light weight. But, got them done - 5 minutes at 85#. Worked on catching it just below parallel, rather than bottoming out and losing my tightness.

    WOD: Got 10 rounds + 15 reps (pull-ups and push-ups).
    I subbed unweighted strict pull-ups and put my toes on a 20" box, not 30". I was happy to keep cranking away at the strict pull-ups. My push-ups were mostly in sets of 5, trying not to go to total failure. I'm wondering if I would have been faster to have the extra 20# and be able to kip my pull-ups.

  3. Gymnastics-du, only messed up on the 40 once.
    Emom- squat snatches at 85#, first couple were not that great, but as I warmed up felt great.

    WOD: completed 8 rounds plus 5 pull ups. Did the 20# weighted strict pull ups. These got hard, but did one at a time. Broke the pushups into 5's, but did use the 30' box. The squats I used at 25# kettlebell they were easy, all unbroken. Enjoyed this workout. Hope all these strict pull ups will help me get my muscle up!!

    Did the WOD with Levi and Robert. Always nice to work out with others.

  4. Mini-Flight Sim: Did these in my Oly shoes, just to see if there was a difference. Found out that as the reps increased, so did the fatigue on my Achilles. Bobbled on the 35, and 40, which sucked to start over on. Oh well, constantly varied I guess.

    EMOM: I'm trying to base my percentages off what I WANT my 1RM to be (250#), not what it currently is (235#). I think I have the strength, just need to work on the technique and getting comfortable with the weight over head. I used 185# and these felt good. Just enough weight to focus on speed under the bar, and still concentrate on active shoulders.

    WOD: 12 rounds. This one was pretty slow for me. Didn't get the heart racing too high. I tried the 35# DB first between the legs, then switched to a weight belt with 35# KB (which worked much better), Pushups were all unbroken. Squats were awkward with the 45# plate. Just a slow paced WOD. I was hoping for 15 rounds, but I didn't have anyone to work out with, so I lacked a little bit of motivation.

  5. Gymnastics: I can only link about 17 together at a time, but that is an improvement from 5 a month ago!

    EMOM Squat Snatches @ 75%...I don't have a 1RM Squat Snatch. I have a huge mental block of getting under the bar on these. It also doesn't help that I don't have a lot of confidence in my squat form. Still working on ankle mobility a TON to help. I only did 55# for this drill.

    WOD: I totally modified this. Did RR with my feet on a box instead of pull ups and only did push ups with feet on the floor, BUT push ups are getting better. I didn't have to do them on my knees, so I was very happy about that. They just took me forever. Squats were fine with 25#.
    Got 8 rounds exactly.