Monday, January 27, 2014


Strength 1: 8 x 3 Back Squat

Strength 2: Jerk 
a. 2 x 3 @ 84%
b. 2 x 2 @ 84%

WOD: 3 Rounds 
10 Strict handstand push-ups
15 Strict ring dips
20 Strict push-ups
45 Strict pull-ups
*30 Minute Time Cap*

Olympic Lifting: Snatch Balance
4 x 3 @ 83% 1 RM Snatch


  1. Dan, do you have preferred modifications for the WOD?

  2. Either shave some reps and/or do some kipping. I would prefer you not get through as much before the time cap but do it as close to RX as possible

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  4. sorry...somehow I accidentally deleted my comment. reposting...

    I just couldn't do this workout today. My right side (SI joint, hip flexor and knee) is still hurting pretty bad. I did 400m sprints/400m jog for two miles and then a TON of stretching and mobility. I'm hoping to do tomorrow's workout and make this one up somewhere. Trying to be smart and not make it any worse.

  5. I haven't been able to do these for a bit but am going to try and get back into them on a regular basis. I did the regular WOD at Backcountry CF and then did the Jerk and WOD from the post.

    Jerk: 165#
    I am working on really splitting my feet apart and getting low on the split jerk. I was just moving my one foot back before, with my front foot landing in pretty much the same location as it started. I'm finding that by going lower my feet are both moving and splitting apart. I'm hoping to make some good improvements on the jerk now that I've realized this.

    WOD: 29 minutes
    I really liked this and it was a great end of the week workout for me. I was able to maintain everything strict except for the HSPU. I had to kip on the last two rounds for those, just nothing left in the shoulders I think.