Monday, January 6, 2014


Strength: Front Squat
5 x 4 @ 85% (sets x reps)

WOD: Ben Bergeron's Conditioning Test (CrossFit New England) 
EMOM until you fail:
7 Thrusters 75#/55#
7 Pull-ups
7 Burpees

Olympic Lifting: 
A. Build to a heavy 1 Rep Hang Clean (Above Knee)
B. Take 70% of your 1 Rep Hang Clean and complete 4 x 3 from the hang (sets x reps)
*Perform after WOD. Your Hang Clean will be lower than normal, but we are trying to work two things:
1) Moving heavy weight while fatigued
2) Forcing ourselves to focus on technique


  1. Did the Front Squats: 140#, felt solid on these.

    Rested the rest of Wednesday.

  2. Did this WOD on 1/14 - with a few twists - if you missed a round, you dropped the reps by 1 so 7-7-7 to 6s if you miss at 6s, drop to 5s and everyone works for 12 mins.

    I got through 3 full rounds, then dropped to 6, missed at 6, dropped to 5, missed that one too and then stuck at 4s. This one was just a breather. Thrusters felt good, but I felt like I had to sprint each round, which left me breathing too hard for the next one. I look forward to testing this one again in the future when we've had less of a strength emphasis and more of a metcon emphasis (kinda).