Monday, November 11, 2013


Gymnastics: 10 Minutes working MU Progressions and Kip or 2x Max Effort Unbroken Muscle-Ups

Skill: *Goal is for weights to be challenging, but do not sacrifice technique
A. 5 x 3 Split Jerk

Strength 1: Alternating Every 90 seconds for 15 Minutes 
A. 5 Power Cleans (unbroken)
B. 3 Push Press (from rack: 80,85,85,90,90)

Strength 2: Deadlift 4 x 5 
*Take 2-4 warm-up sets to get to starting weight. Start first set with a moderately heavy weight; goal is to be 5-10# heavier on your final set than last week

400 M Sprint (like, 95-100%)
1 Minute Rest, then:

3 Rounds
1 Minute Max Effort Wallballs 20#/14#
1 Minute Rest
1 Minute Max Effort Burpees (to a target, 6-12" above your fingertips)
1 Minute Rest
1 Minute Max Effort Air Dyne
1 Minute Rest

Rest 2 Minutes after completing the 3 Rounds, then:
400 M Sprint (again, 95-100%- compare the 2 times)


  1. Gymnastics: really close on MU, thought I was going to get it today

    Skill: 185#, 185#, 185#, 195#, 195#. Actually got more comfortable as I went, found good landing split for me

    Strength 1: didn't have time

    Strength 2: 275#, 285#, 295#, 305#. Still increasing, I feel like my grip will fail before anything else. I do the 5 reps touch and go, is everyone else doing that or are you re-gripping between sets?

    Sprint: 1:45

    Wall balls: 30 reps all 3 sets
    Burpees: 15 reps, 15 reps, 14 reps
    Air Dyne: around 25 cal each round

    Sprint 2: 1:43, guess I didn't go all out the first round

  2. Hi Everybody! Due to the call for posts, I will try my best to leave my results each day.

    Gymnastics: Continue to try and become more efficient at these. I find that I vary a lot day to day on MU. I have strung as many as 5 together, and some days struggle to do 1.

    Strength: Not enough time

    Strength: 225#, 245#, 255#, 265#. Still room to increase.

    WOD: Overall it wasn't too bad. I like when they are broken up in this format: 1 minute working, 1 minute rest. It makes it go by fast and allows you to focus on really putting all of you effort into each exercise.

    Sprint- 1:50-1:55

    Wall Balls- 27, 25, 27
    Burpees- 12, 12, 12
    Air Dyne- maintained at 80-82 RPMs each round

    Sprint- 1:50-1:55

  3. Gymnastics: Don't know why, but I did 1 MU then forgot to do the rest. I'll make these up another day.

    Skill 1: 135# and 185#. Felt very weak on these over head. Shoulders and back still a little fatigued after the previous days.

    Strength 1: 205, 215 and 220# for both the power cleans and push-presses. Didn't make it past 9 minutes due to jumping in the WOD with Jay and Liz. I tried to go back and finish up after the WOD, but just didn't have the strength today.

    Strength 2: 315, 325, 335, 355#. Contrary to the other lifts, actually felt better at these than I have in previous weeks. Still challenging on last set, but form and strength were there.

    WOD: 1st Sprint: 1:28.
    Burpees: 16, 15, 14
    Air Dyne: 25, 21, 26 calories
    2nd Sprint: 1:54

    Overall, this was a little more taxing on the lungs than anything else. I was able to go through most rounds unbroken without resting, with the exception of the last round of wallballs. The second sprint, which was supposed to be within 5-10 seconds apparently :-/, felt like my legs were made of lead.

  4. Awesome! Nice to see so many comments - thanks, guys :) Luke - awesome job on the wallballs. Looks like Jay hasn't posted, so I'll tell you all that he killed the Airdyne getting 37, 38 and 34 cals.

    Gymnastics: Got my 1st MU!!! Hooray! Did two of them and then couldn't get another one. I'll be trying these almost daily, I am sure, just to make sure I still can. They weren't pretty - half strict, half kipping, but I'll take it.

    Skill (Split Jerk): Worked up to 115# on these, still need some work on consistency, I tend to get my feet right, but not my shoulders, then my shoulders right but not my feet. Work in progress...

    Strength 1 (Cleans and Push Press):
    A. Started at 105# and ended up at 125# - felt pretty good.
    B. Ended at 110# on the Push Press, which is not quite 90% of my 1RM

    Strength 2 (Deadlifts): Started at 165#, worked up to 180# (5# more than last week). These felt better than they had in weeks past.

    Sprint 1: 1:34
    Wallballs: 28, 25, 25
    Burpees: 19, 18, 17
    Airdyne: 21, 23, 22
    Sprint 2: 1:51 (legs felt like LEAD on this one, quads still pretty fatigued from the weekend)

    I disagree with Patrick, this was worse on my legs (and shoulders a bit on the wallballs) than on my lungs. The burning in my legs is what slowed me down, not my breathing. The burpees felt like a rest for me, guess I should have gone faster...