Thursday, November 21, 2013


Split Jerk Advice:

Skill 1: 15 Minutes to find a 2 Rep Snatch
*This might be a PR, it might not. Depends on how you are feeling, and do not sacrifice technique for weight

Skill 2: 15 Minutes to find a 3 Rep Heavy Clean & Jerk
*This means perform a C & J then immediately do another, if you drop the bar do not rest more than 3-5 seconds before next rep

**For the two skill segments, same approach as last week. DO NOT go over the 15 minutes, spend 5 minutes warming up then start the clock. 

Strength: EMOM for 10 Minutes
3 Front Squats (Moderate weight, this isn't to hit a 3RM)

WOD: With a Partner

A. Ascending Ladder (1-10)
Squat Snatch 115#/75#
Deficit HSPU 2 x 45#/2 x 25#
*one partner works, the other rests
**Each partner must do each rep scheme. So, Partner A does 1/1 then Partner B does 1/1. Then, Partner B does 2/2 while partner B rests, etc. 
*** Especially with the lower reps, emphasize transition time, A.K.A., the time between when Partner A and Partner B are working

Rest approximately half the time it took you to complete A

B. 10 Rounds
20 calorie airdyne
4 front rack walking lunges (total) 165#/115#
*5 rounds per partner, one works while the other rests


  1. Skill 1: Snatches - I worked up to 95# on these, and didn't link the two, but did two in a row just resetting each. I'm just trying to work on my starting position and pulls.

    Skill 2: Only worked up to 125# on these. My jerk felt a little off today, shoulders are pretty fatigued.

    Strength: Front Squats - these felt heavy today! Started off at 125#, and ended up dropping to 115#

    WOD: A. Luke and I did this one together - 31:41 or 31:14, can't remember. This just took a while. I did the 2 25# plates per side and 75# for my snatches. Getting into a full squat snatch every time got rough and the whole thing was taxing on my shoulders.

    B: Didn't have time to do this part too.

    Definitely ready for a rest day tomorrow :)

  2. Skill 1: Snatches- worked up to 165#, probably could have gotten 175# but was already over my 15 mins

    Skill 2:worked up to 195#, jerk felt good but 3 heavy in a row is tough

    Strength: Front squats- glad we did these mostly because I need to work on squat cleans. I did 185# and it felt good

    WOD: Worked with Liz, was only able to get deficit HSPUs for rounds 1-6 then did regular HSPUS. My HSPUs are starting to get much better I used to burn out fast and not be able to do more than 3 deficit so that's good. snatch felt ok, my upper body got loose a couple of times, a slight wiggle in my shoulders before the bar got solid at the top.

    B: same as Liz