Sunday, November 24, 2013


Skill 2: 5 x 2 Split Jerk
*Goal is for weights to be challenging, but do not sacrifice technique

Strength: Deficit Deadlifts 4 x 5 
* Bar rests on ground, you stand on either 25# or 45# plates which will increase the range of motion we are working. 5-10# heavier than last week

Speed: EMOM for 8 Minutes
Shuttle Sprint (5 m down/back + 10 m down/back)

WOD: 6 Rounds (compare to 9/27)*
A. 30 seconds Max Ring Dips
30 seconds Rest

B. 30 seconds Max Shoulder-to-Overhead 145#/105# 
30 Seconds Rest 

C. 30 Seconds Max Cal Airdyne
30 Seconds Rest


  1. Skill: Split Jerk - First at 85#, then 115# then 125# for the remaining sets. My form actually got better as I went with the 125#, really focused on getting under the bar and getting my feet in the right position.

    Strength: Deficit DLs - Stood on 35# plate, like last week. Started at 160#, worked up to 175# (5# more than last week). Weight was definitely challenging by the end, but still able to get all 5 reps unbroken.

    Speed: check. Still feel a little awkward on the turns, sometimes they are quick, other times they are not.

    WOD: 171 total reps - which was more than last time. Averaged about 5 ring dips (same as last time), 5 S2OH (2 less than last time, but I used 10# more this time), 18 cals on the Airdyne (4 more than last time). So, most of the difference for me was the Airdyne, but I was also a bit stronger overhead using the Rxed weight.

    *I also looked up my old Diane time from back in August and compared to last week, I have improved by about 1:40, even after Deficit DLs. So, definitely improving in leg strength, just not quite as much in Ring Dips.

  2. Skill: 225, 225, 245, 245, 265#. These felt good. Just hurt coming down onto my collar bones each time.

    Strength: 295, 315, 335, 345#. Actually feel a little stronger on these pulls than the regular pulls. I feel these a lot more in my hamstrings too.

    Speed: Check. Seemed to have a long time to recover in between rounds.

    WOD: 208 Total. Significantly improved my ring dips, from about 7-8 on the first round, to 18 in my first round and about 10 each round after. I also can't count and used 155# instead of 145, not on purpose. But still getting more S2O than before. Air dyne was about the same, averaging between 15-18 calories per round.