Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Gymnastics: 3 Rounds
3 Skin the cats into Max L-hang
5 False Grip Pull-ups
30 Second HS Hold (against wall)

Skill: *Goal is for weight to be challenging, but do not sacrifice technique
A. 3 x 2 Clean
B. 2 x 2 Clean from the hang
C. 3 x 2 Clean High Pull (from the floor pulling to about chest height, once the bar does not get that high don't add more weight; meant to be explosive and fast)

WOD: 400 M Falloffs
**Pick a fast pace, not a sprint, to maintain for as many 400s as remain within 5 seconds of your first time. For example, if you run a 60 second 400m your target should be in the 75-80 second range
**Regardless of splits, minimum 4 x 400
*** 1:1 work/rest)

Core: NFT
15 Toes-to-rings (TTR)
Max L-sit
10 Dragon Levers
Max Plank 45#/25#
15 TTR
Max L-hold (hanging from bar)
10 Dragon Levers


  1. Gymnastics: Done. Need to work on my false grip

    Skill: From the ground I started at 115# and worked up to 165#. I could have done probably 10# more. For clean from hang I did 135#. This is something I want to work harder on increasing the weight.

    WOD: Because of the no 6 o'clock class I had to skip this. Will make up for it on Friday and Saturday.

    Core: I like doing core and this was a good mix of exercises. The dragon levers get tough, but they're a great core exercise.

  2. Gymnastics: Wow. My first skin the cat into L-hold was pretty good and I held that L-hold for about 15 seconds, unfortunately, I only held the rest of them for between 3 and 5 seconds. Really felt my forearms with those false grip pull-ups. We did them on the rings, unsure if that was the idea or not.

    Skill: A. 85#, 105#, 125# - all power cleans, again, not sure if that's what you wanted or not, but it's what I did last week too.
    B. 105#, 125#
    C. 105#, 105#, 105#, and another one at 85# just to see if I felt more explosive with lighter weight and it still just feels a little awkward for me.

    WOD: Due to snow and not wanting to break my neck, Ernie did this on the Airdyne with me. We did 35 cals in 1:45 and made it through 7 rounds, didn't try a round 8 due to time. But, definitely felt pretty wrecked after round 3 and each consecutive round. I guess we recovered pretty quickly though since we kept making the time cutoff. It really helped me to have someone else going with me, I didn't want to be the first one to drop off. Overall, good workout, if not exactly "fun".

    Core: TTR easy - but, the rest of it was definitely a challenge. I have to find a good sub for the dragon levers because I don't get too far down before losing control and I feel like I'm cheating it somehow, even if it feels tough.

  3. Unless it is specified as Power Clean or Power Snatch it is a Squat