Sunday, November 17, 2013


Skill 1: Find your Max Height Box Jump

Skill 2: 5 x 2 Split Jerk
*Goal is for weights to be challenging, but do not sacrifice technique

Strength: Deficit Deadlifts 4 x 5 
* Bar rests on ground, you stand on either 25# or 45# plates which will increase the range of motion we are working. You will not be going heavier on this than you did last week. I would recommend dropping to the weigth we used 3-4 weeks ago. Again, emphasis is on technique!

WOD 1: 'Diane' 21-15-9
Deadlift 225#/155#

Rest a minimum of 10 minutes 

WOD #2: Not For Time, complete in AS FEW SETS AS POSSIBLE
20 Clean & Jerks (Guys: 140#-175#, Girls: 90#-120#)
* Be honest with yourself, I have given you the range in which to choose. Use the weight you think would be most beneficial. As a guideline for choosing weight, I advise to target 5-8 reps unbroken.
**Take as much time as necessary between sets
***You can obviously scale down if necessary


  1. Skill 1: Didn't have time to work to max, I did a 30" box plus three 45# plates and a 25# around 42". Probably could have got to 45" or so

    Skill 2: 135#, 155#, 175#, 205#, 215#. My max is 225# so a little disappointed because I only got one rep at 215#

    Strength: This started out feeling very awkward, like I was falling forward the whole time, got better as I went. 255#, 255#, 265#, 275#

    WOD 1: 11:10, the handstand pushups killed me. by the round of 15 I was breaking up into sets of 3 or less! The Deadlift was fine, never broke up into sets of less than 8

    WOD 2: only had about 5 minutes of rest and only had time for 12 reps. I used 145# and got sets of 5, 4, and 3

  2. Skill: I have no ups. Barely did 30" plus three 45# plates. A lot of it was worrying about missing the plates and smashing my knees and shins, but I still prove the stereotype about jumping ability true.

    Skill 2: 135#, 155#, 165#, 175#, 185#. I could only get one at 185#. This was my max a little more than a month ago, so I was slightly disappointed that I did increase, but I also haven't worked on this much since last time either.

    Strength: First one surprised me because it was a little hard to get started, but overall I liked these. 225#, 245#, 255#, 255#

    WOD: 13:59. Opposite of Luke, I was pretty good on the HSPU and had to break the DLs down. Was always able to do at least 5 Kipping HSPU unbroken. DLs were just slow. Was definitely a little worn out from the deficit DLs.

    WOD2: didn't have time

  3. Skill 1: Max Box Jump - got to about 36" (30" box with two 45s). Same thing as Sean, I was worried about bashing my shins and missing the plates so didn't go any higher

    Skill 2: Split Jerks - did the first set at 85# to warm up, then the rest of them at 115#, similar to last week. Felt pretty good, was able to concentrate on form.

    Strength: Deficit Deadlifts. Stood on a 35# plate, did 155#, 160#, 165#, 170#, so a little lighter than last week, but not by too much (maybe 10#). These actually felt good, which surprised me because my hamstrings were a little sore from all the snatches yesterday. I paid for it during Diane though.

    WOD 1: Diane - 8:18 Deadlifts felt better than I expected them to, I was happy, I'm improving. Each round was broken into 2 (maybe 3 on 21) sets. I was disappointed to find the HSPUs gave me a little trouble. I think I did the first 15 or so unbroken, and probably pushed just a bit longer than I should have because the second and third rounds were mostly sets 5 or fewer. Patrick and I did them with no abmats, and I think I control myself on the way down more and fatigue my triceps faster. But, after doing 25 or so unbroken a few weeks back, I was hoping to get at least the first round unbroken.

    WOD 2: 20 Clean and Jerks - did these at 95# and took 4 sets to get them all in - first set was 7, 3, then 5 and 5 (I think). I was trying to go a little slower and just make sure I linked them all, but I think I would have done better to just go fast and rest between sets more. My forearms, hands and triceps were what got me the most. Those heavy deadlifts hurt my hands!

    Damn! I guess I whine or make excuses a lot...will do better.

  4. Day of PR's!!!! Kinda
    Skill 1: Never done these for a max height so I got a new PR, or a first PR. Either way. 54". Attempted 56", but just shy of this. I didn't know if there is a standard on standing still or allowing a step, but I did take a step on the 54". I think the max without moving was about 48-50".

    Skill 2: 225# for all sets. I focused more on technique than weight. Catching the second weight coming down from the first rep onto my shoulders got to be pretty difficult, so I finished with a clean and jerk on the last round.

    Strength: Deficit DL 4x5. I used a 25# bumper plate with a 25# iron plate, which made it about 3 1/2". 225, 275, 305, 325#. These felt good, felt it a lot more in my hamstrings on these than I do on the normal DL.

    WOD: 4:52! I've done Diane with deficit HSPU in the past, but never just plain ol' HSPU. First round of 21 went unbroken on both DL and HSPU. Finished first round in just under 2:00. My goal was for about 3 minutes, but I didn't make it. Round of 15 was broken up into 10/5 on DL and about 7/8 on HSPU; last round of 9 was broken up into 6/3 DL and 3/3/3 for HSPU. Overall, pretty happy with the time, but wanted that 3 min mark. Goal for next time I guess.

    WOD 2: 145#. After talking with Liz, we decided to focus on a weight that would help our speed, not so much the weight. Thank god, because these got taxing on the quads. I did it in the following sets: 10/7/3.

    This was a good day compared to the debacle that was yesterday's WOD.