Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Skill: *Goal is for weights to be challenging, but do not sacrifice technique
A. 3 x 3 Clean & Jerk
B. 2 x 3 Clean & Jerk from the low hang
C. 3 x 3 Clean Pull (from the floor, 90%+ of Clean 1RM; meant to be explosive and fast; once the velocity starts to slow do not add more weight)

4 x 400m Run (1:1 work/rest)

Core:3 Rounds NFT
Max Effort L-sit Hold
15 Hollow Rocks

***** I know this day is lighter in terms of volume so some of you might not feel spent and will decide to do more. I would stress the importance of not doing that. Be happy when you see a day like this, let your body recover a little, and be ready for Friday and Saturday. *****

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  1. Skill: A; 185, 205, 225#. Did the whole Coach's Eye app on these. Still jumping up a little too much, but felt solid on most.
    B: Stuck with 225# for these. Thought they were going to be a lot heavy than they were, but felt really strong from 2" below the knees.
    C. 285#. These felt heavy. Not as good on the pull as the snatch pulls.

    WOD: haHA! Per the programming, I wasn't supposed to do anything additional from the prescribed exercises. So I kinda cheated the WOD and made it a little more difficult. I did the prescribed runs, but I did them with a 40# sand bag on my shoulders. Times were between 2:05 to 2:20. I have never done anything with these so it was sort of fun to try something new.

    In all my excitement, I forgot to do the core exercises. I'll make them up tomorrow I think on the several hundred sit-ups.