Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Gymnastics 1: 10 Minutes working on Handstand Holds, Freestanding HSPU, and HS Walks

Gymnastics 2: Alternating EMOM for 10 Minutes:
Odd: 5 Strict Weighted Pull-ups
Even: Max Strict HSPU + 3 Kipping HSPU

Gymnastics 3: 3 x Max Effort Isometric Pull-up hold (if you want an even greater challenge, start with your chest in contact with the bar; rest 60-90 seconds between attempts)

Skill: 5 x 3 Snatch Balance (compare to 10/15)

WOD: 'Elizabeth' 21-15-9
Power Cleans 135#/95#
Ring Dips

A. 100 Sit-ups for time
Rest 3 Minutes
B. 50 Sit-ups for time
Rest 2 Minutes
C. 25 Sit-ups for time


  1. Gymnastics 1: Feeling more secure on the freestanding handstands, and the walks are coming along slowly. I'm up to about 5-7 feet.

    Gymnastics 2: EMOM, Used 30# KB for first 3 rounds of weighted pullups, then dropped to 20# for last 2. HSPU were about 10 strict each round. Usually I feel stronger on these, they got pretty rough by round 3.

    Gymnastics 3: only getting about 15-20 seconds on these. Felt weak on these as well.

    Skill: Snatch balance: Worked up to 185#. Compared to 10/15, up 30# from 155#. Compared to the other exercises, this was probably the best.

    WOD: 7:01. This was TERRIBLE! Power cleans were easy, but the ring dips give me trouble already, not to mention the fact that all the previous exercises were shoulder and tricep involved. I was shooting for 5 minutes or less, but was only able to link about 3-5 ring dips at a time.

    Core: 100=4:00, 50=2:13, 25=0.53. Haven't done just regular sit ups in a while, my abs will definitely hurt from this one.

  2. Gymnastics 1: Good on holds, not so much on the walking

    Gymnastics 2: Used 35# for pull-ups, probably could have done 45#. Only about 5 HSPU then 3 kipping. The kipping was feeling much better, whereas in the past it didn't seem to help.

    Gymnastics 3: 15 seconds for each. I used a pretty wide grip.

    Skill: Did not do great on these today. I think my shoulders were tired because I was having trouble stabilizing the weight, and didn't get that heavy. Comfortable at 105#, but was not consistent at 115# even though it didn't feel heavy.

    WOD: 9:27. This was my first time doing Rx on Elizabeth. Looking back I could easily trim 30+ seconds off my time just by pushing a little harder. The dips were easy and I was able to do the 21 in 2 sets, and the 15 and 9 unbroken. I was pretty tired after the 21 power cleans, which I broke into 11 and 10. Broke the 15 into sets of 5, and then 5 and 4 on the last round. This is where I could drop a good amount of time just by taking less rest in between the groups of power cleans.

    Core: Forgot to get the time, but this was fine. Abs burned a little during the 100, but the 50 and 25 were easy.