Monday, November 4, 2013


Technique: EMOM for 8 Minutes
3 Squat snatches (reset between reps- should be heavy but manageable)

Strength 1: Deadlift 4 x 5 
*Take 2-4 warm-up sets to get to starting weight. Start first set with a moderately heavy weight; goal is to be 5-10# heavier on your final set than last week

Strength 2: EMOM for 10 Minutes
2 Heavy Power Cleans

WOD: Alternating EMOM for 20 Minutes
Odd: 6 Front Rack Lunges 155#/105#
Even: 12 Pull-ups


  1. Technique: Started at 85# for the first two rounds, then moved up to 90# - these felt really good today, I actually felt quick for a change.

    Strength 1: Started at 155#, went up by 5# each time and ended at 170#, 5# more than last week. Felt pretty good on these, considering how tight my hamstrings were from yesterday's Lurong WOD.

    Strength 2: Had to sub the Lurong Clean workout here. So, just did 30 power cleans at 95#, running between sets.

    WOD: Only did 16 mins, ran out of time. Legs definitely felt fatigued, but not too bad. Pull-ups are finally coming along. I was linking 8 butterfly pull-ups consistently, finally got the hip pop down, made it so much better!

  2. Technique: OHS are hard for me, so I really don't have a squat snatch, unless it's really light weight. So, I opted to work at 65# & do snatch then OHS. My OHSs are slowly getting there. (key word, slowly)

    Strength1: Can't remember, but I think I ended up at 165# on these. Somewhere around there;

    Strength2: Worked at 90# here, since my technique is much better at 85#; Most rounds were solid, others were a little ugly; going to hang at 90# on these for a while w/the goal of working up to 100# w/good form;

    WOD: Felt really tired on the lunges after all that lifting; PUs felt great, & I'm beginning to link more together at a time; I used 85# for lunges.