Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Gymnastics: 2 options
A. EMOM for 5 Minutes: 2-4 Muscle-ups  
B. Practice Muscle-up Progressions with specific focus on kip

Skill: *Goal is for weights to be challenging, but do not sacrifice technique
A. 3 x 1 Squat Clean (working towards a heavy single)
B. 2 x 1 Squat Clean from the high hang (hip pockets, I would recommend decreasing the weight from the full squat clean)
C. 3 x 2 Clean Pull (from the floor, 90%+ of Clean 1RM; meant to be explosive and fast; once the velocity starts to slow do not add more weight)

WOD: Short, Fat Fran 12-9-6
Thrusters 135#/95#
Strict Pull-ups

Core:3 Rounds NFT
Max Effort L-sit Hold
15 Hollow Rocks


  1. Gymnastics: Did 4 MU in the first minute, 3 in the second, then I guess I got tired because I had to rest about 5 minutes just to get them back. I think I need to do these on a regular basis when I'm fatigued, it kind of changes the movement a bit that I'm not used to.

    Skill: A- 205, 235, 265# Squat cleans. Felt really good on these today.
    B- Lowered the weight back down to 185#. Again, felt good on speed under the bar.
    C- Used 275# for the clean pulls. These were a little more challenging than previous weeks. Lost a little of the speed.

    WOD: I'm an idiot. And karma is a bitch. I did regular FRAN on Tuesday in the evening after doing the competitor WOD in the morning. Did FRAN in 3:10 (New PR and didn't bugle afterwards!!!!). So, onto big, fat FRAN.
    5:31. The thrusters went unbroken all 3 rounds. I used 45# KB for the first set of 12 pullups ( I thought that was in there too), then went to just strict pullups.

    Core: Check

  2. Gymnastics: Worked on MU Progressions. Really annoyed with MUs right now since I can't seem to get one again. Trying to let it go - I'll get them back again...

    Skill: A. Squat Cleans - 115#, 125#, 135# - felt good on these today
    B. HH Squat Clean - 115#
    C. Clean Pull - 125#

    WOD: 6:25 - ahh!! All of those carbs and sugar over Thanksgiving did not help me today. Thrusters were not unbroken, and neither were pull-ups. Both were not quick either - but, these are two of my weaknesses, so I'll just be glad to have gotten through this workout.

    Core: check. L-sit holds are improving slightly