Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Skill 1: 15 Minutes to find a 3 Rep Snatch
*This might be a PR, it might not. Depends on how you are feeling, and do not sacrifice technique for weight

Skill 2: 15 Minutes to find a 2 Rep Heavy Clean & Jerk
*This means perform a C & J then immediately do another, ideally you will not put the bar down between the two

**For the two 15 Minute segments, DO NOT go over the 15 minutes, spend 5 minutes warming up then start the clock. This is to get you used to having to work under a time constraint and mirror competition. Yes, it might not be as heavy as you could go with more time or rest but that is not the goal. 


A. 5 Rounds
4 Front Squats @ 80% 1 RM
Max Effort pull-ups 
*No rest between FS and PU; Rest 90 seconds between rounds

Rest 10 Minutes, then:

B. With a Partner Complete:
*One person working at a time, can break it up however you want but must be completed in order listed
60 Pistols
10 Tire Flips
50 Thrusters 135#/95#
20 Rope Climbs 
40 Wall Walks (mental challenge, grind it out)
30 Power Snatches 135#/95#

Then, immediately 50 (total steps) OH Lunges 95#/65#
*Yes, your shoulders are going to burn and its going to really suck but finish strong


  1. Oh My! This was tough, and I didn't even get through all of it because I had to pick up the kids. Enjoy everyone!

    Skill 1: 3RM Snatch - worked up to 90#x3, felt very slow getting under the bar today, so these were a power snatch, not even a squat snatch. Got 2 @ 95#

    Skill 2: 2RM Clean & Jerk - worked up to 125#x2, did not put the bar down between reps. Again, slow under the bar today so they were power cleans
    and my shoulders were still fatigued from Tuesday.

    A. Front Squat/ME Pull-ups - did my FS @ 130# (80% off my 1RM) and did 7-8 pull-ups per round. The Front Squats felt heavy and challenging today, they felt A LOT better last weekend at the comp.

    B. didn't have a partner, so just halved the reps and got through as much as I could before I had to pick up kids. So, made it through 30 pistols, 6 tire flips, 25 Thrusters (95#), 10 rope climbs and 20 wall walks at 18:29. I would have had to drop the power snatch weight to 85# for sure. Overall, Thrusters and Wall Walks took the longest for me. Really wish I would have had a partner to work with, because I'm sure they would have wanted to take on a larger number of Thrusters and rope climbs than me ;).

    My shoulders are definitely fatigued, my legs probably are too. And, typical for the week after a comp for me, I'm starving and feeling a little slow.

  2. Skill 1: 215#!!!!! for 2, was not expecting that. That's my 1RM currently, so I was very surprised to get 2.

    Skill 2: 245#. I wasn't feeling too strong on the squat cleans today, so I didn't push past the 245. Also felt pretty weak overhead.

    WOD: Ok, this was terrible. My left hip flexor gave me such huge problems today, that I wasn't able to do this WOD. It started on the snatches, a little tight but I was able to bang them out. But I tried the front squats @ 255 (80% of my 1RM), and my hip flexor gave a sharp, stabbing pain on the bottom of my squat that I could not handle. So I decided to skip the first part and try the next part. This did not help, I couldn't do the pistols, even supported. Did the tire flips fine, but then tried the thrusters..... intense pain in that left hip flexor again. That was it for me. Sorry Dan, this one wasn't gonna happen today. I rolled out and stretched from about 30 minutes. Hopefully be back to 100% on Monday. I hope this is just related to the comp last weekend.