Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Last week was a high volume week, so this week we are going to back off a little. Even if you are feeling good, fight the urge to do more than programmed.

Strength: 15 x 2 Back Squat Pyramid (No, that is not a typo)
*The approach is to start with a moderate weight and keep building in weight for the first 8 sets then start working your way back down. Here were my numbers for this: 225#-245#-265#-285#-305#-325#-335#-345#-335#-325#-305#-285#-265#-245#-225#
**As you progress back down the pyramid, try to limit your rest time in between sets

WOD: with a 14 Minute Clock
1 Minute Burpees
1 Minute Squats
2 Minutes Double Unders
1 Minute Squats
3 Minutes Push-ups
1 Minute Squats
4 Minutes Pull-ups
1 Minute Squats


  1. Strength: Mirrored your BS. 225-345. 325-345 felt pretty heavy, I had to break them up into 2 singles technically.

    WOD: 336 Total reps.
    1st round of squats were by far the most taxing on the legs. DU were uncoordinated, either because of the squats or because I was trying to do Triple unders from the mainsite WOD (just for fun, not in the WOD). Pullups were fine, pushups felt weak too. Maybe I just haven't done enough of them lately. I felt the best with my burpees. Kept a good pace, and didn't let Liz pass me, which she usually does.

    Fun times.

  2. Strength: My max the other day was only 135#, so I started at 95# and worked up to 130#. 95# and 100# felt really easy. 125# and 130# were really hard. I only got one rep of the 130# and had to bail on the second. Pyramiding back down, 125# and 120# felt really hard, but my last few sets felt easy again.

    WOD: Total reps 33
    I subbed RR for pull-ups. My squats went up almost each time 31, 36, 36, 38.
    burpees felt slow and push-up felt hard today. Everything else felt good, except that first minute of squats!

  3. Did this with Patrick at BCCF.

    Back Squat Pyramid: I started at 115# and worked up to 160# (85%) - these actually all felt good, none of them got too tough. But, I think I felt the volume today (Tuesday) and during the WOD.

    WOD: 355 total reps (includes a minute of no work when I had to go deal with my kids)
    - burpees - 24
    - squats - 30 (I know I can do 63 air squats in a minute, so this was low for me - and that's not negativity, that's just info).
    - DUs - 100 even - did them in sets of 10
    - squats - 34
    - push-ups (only 2 mins here) - 42
    - squats - 35
    - pull-ups - 50 did these in sets of 6 so I didn't burn out
    - squats - 40

  4. Back squat Pyramid: 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 180, 185 they felt really good, 185 was a little heavy but just made the back side down the pyramid fell light.

    WOD: Burpees did around 17, air squats around 31, DU only did 80 which was really low for me they were off today, squats 33, pushups 31, pullups 55, squats 38