Tuesday, February 25, 2014


WOD: 14.1 AMRAP 10
30 DU
15 Power Snatches 55#/75#
*In terms of strategy, it is most important that you pick a pace that you think you can hold throughout the workout. Do not go out too fast and cause yourself to stand around towards the end. Here is a video on warm-up, strategy, and recovery after the workout. Good Luck and have fun!

Strength: 8 sets of Deadlift Complex
3 Pulls to Knee
2 Pulls to Mid-thigh
1 Full Deadlift
*Increase weight on each set if possible. However, the focus is on proper back positioning (AKA, no rounding). Overhand, clean grip only, no underhand DL grip!! 

The Open: Do It

The Mental Side of CrossFit: "The search for the bearable handle is not merely a practical search, not a search for a way to “make it easier.” Rather, the bearable handle is internally sought by recognizing that, though there is no making it easier, there is a way to make it through—not by trying to avoid the difficulty but by accepting that it will hurt, it will be hard and it will take everything in you, including your very soul, to keep going."


  1. Love the quote! Good luck to everyone in the Open (including you, Dan) - have FUN with it and leave nothing behind. :)

  2. Yes, love this quote, along with all the other motivational things you have posted this week! (LOVED the John Wooden piece!) Thanks for feeding our psyche to balance the physicality. You are a great coach and we are all lucky to have you guiding us through this experience. Thank you so much for everything and good luck!!! Good luck to everybody!