Wednesday, February 12, 2014


EMOM for 7 Minutes: 2 Squat Snatches + 2 OHS

WOD: For Time
100 Wallballs 20#/14#
*EMOM stop and complete 20 Double-unders (not including the first minute)

A. 2x Max Effort Plank hold 45#/25# (rest 2 minutes between attempts)
B. Tabata Sit-ups


  1. EMOM: I tried 70#, but I did 65# mainly because I am still scared of getting under the bar in squat snatches and cleans. My left wrist is pretty sensitive right now, so that also made a difference between just 65# and 70#. I also just felt completely gassed today, so I didn't feel like I had any explosiveness in my snatches today. Paul noticed this, too. The weight was a little light for the OHS, which was a nice surprise! I am really feeling how I am getting better at bouncing out of the bottom of my squats, especially in OHS. Completed each round in 20-25 seconds.

    WOD: 12:51
    The double-unders killed my time. It took me between 30-45 seconds to get them all in, so I was only getting between 5-8 wall balls in every minutes. I still can't link a lot together at once and I was really tired today, so I would link as many as I could together (about 4-5) then I would do a single in between doubles. For not doing a lot of wall balls lately, they felt surprisingly good! Probably because I had so much time between them! haha

    A. 1st plank - 1:00; 2nd plank - 1:03 This was the first time I have ever done a plank with added weight, it was tough!

    B. Ran out of time for tabata sit-ups, so will do them tomorrow after my warm up for mobility!

  2. Nate Loback-

    EMOM - subbed DB bench press, working up to 80# on each side. Learning to listen to my body and I know lifting heavy upper body throughout the week makes HSPU, burpees, push ups, dips etc...much better. Also watching my back after snatches which I did later last night (just posted to yesterday too)

    WOD: 3:24 - Did this at 24hr fitness at lunch, and the heaviest WB they had at the gym by my work was 16#. So, I waited 4 minutes then repeated this workout for 50 burpees 3:57.

    Plank - 45s each time. 45# felt heavy and I"m sure I looked awesome trying to get the plate on my back....

    Tabata Sit Ups - stayed right at 9 or 10 each round. Wasn't pushing too hard, but didn't back down of the # either.

  3. Rested today. Mostly because it's my usual rest day, but didn't feel like I needed it. Starting to get a little twitchy with the drop in volume and weights. It's like I would always feel during a taper leading up to a race. Getting excited for the Open!!

  4. EMOM 7 min-did the squat snatches at 95# for 4 mins and then the last 3 min at 85#. They felt okay, struggled a little today with the 95# for some reason. This week has been rough, tired, not as motivated for some reason.

    WOD: Finished in 10:40, my double unders were not strong today so it was taking me longer to get through the 20.

    Planks were 51 seconds the first time and 41 the second

    Tabata situps did around 12-15 each round.