Sunday, February 2, 2014


WOD: For Time
Straight legged deadlift 135#/95#
OHS 135#/95#

Then: 200 Double-unders for time
*Goal here is to rest long enough after the WOD to let yourself recover a little but you still want your heart rate to be elevated when you start the Double-unders


  1. *Did this workout on Friday

    WOD: 32:42
    Had to scale everything...
    DLs 85#
    OHS 55#

    DLs were just right, on the heavy side so I really concentrated on form to protect my back.

    K2E were ok. I did the first 12 reps T2B, but my hands were still raw and my back is still pretty tight.

    OHS were a little on the light side. I did the first 8 reps at 65#, but that was too heavy for my back. I should have done at least 60#. But I maintained great form through these and I can tell I am getting it down how to bounce out of the bottom of my squats. So while weight has been lighter than I would like, form has been better.

  2. Worked out at BCCF

    The rest of my week was pretty heavy on the shoulders, so I just did some lifting today.

    Snatch Grip RDLs - 5-5-3-3-1 - worked up to 160#

    Good Mornings - 4 sets of 5 - last 2 sets were at 75#

    Front Squats - 4 sets of 8 @ 95# - purposely kept it light and high rep to work on my form. I really do not fire my glutes as much as I should, so I'm trying to correct that.

    Strict Pull-ups - 4 sets of 5
    Strict Dips - 4 sets of 3

    I also worked my MU swings - just getting a big hip pop and getting my hips to the rings.

    *This is why I need you, Dan. If I go in without a plan, I end up doing a little bit of everything with no real purpose. I had reasons for doing each of the exercises, but that's not enough. I should have picked a less shoulder-intensive workout from this week and done that.

  3. So I saw that you wanted liz to keep posting the backcountry WODs we're doing. I'll start doing that as well.

    WOD 1: I modified this one to 21-18-15-9. Took me just under 10 minutes. The straight legged DL were light, but I am definitely feeling them today(sunday). T2B are still a weakness, so I was just happy to hold on to the bar. The OHS were easy the first round, then got really heavy the following rounds.

    WOD2: Steve invited me to join in with some of the other's from the competitors WOD classes, which was fun.

    10 Min AMRAP:
    5- Power Cleans @ 145#
    10- T2B
    15- Wallballs

    I got just over 5 rounds. I used a 25# Wallball just to see what it would feel like. Now I know what "quicksand" that Dozer is always talking about feels like.

  4. Worked out at Crossfit Matters in Kansas City.

    Skill: Every 30 seconds for 5 min 1 x PC and 2x FS. Did 115#, felt great.

    WOD: Leg Matrix 24-18-12 and Arm Matrix 24-18-12 ( time cut off 20 min)

    Leg Matrix- Jumping Air Squats
    Jumping Lunges
    Air Squats

    Arm Matrix- Pushups, touching each shoulder
    Ring Dips

    This was a great WOD...Legs were fried. Made it to the last round of Arm Matrix through the first set of push ups. Ring dips I used a band in order to push through quicker.