Sunday, February 23, 2014


10 Shoulder-to-Overhead 115#/75#
500 M Row
5 Squat Snatches 115#/75#

Back Squat: 6 x 4 across
*This means you should choose a weight and use it for all 6 sets

As we get closer to the Open, I believe it is important to reflect on why you do CrossFit. Regardless of your goals or abilities, everyone has their own reason for doing CrossFit. As with training the Open will be accompanied by plenty of ups and downs, but when you reflect on why you are at the gym day after day suffering through workouts, it becomes more clear as to why you challenge yourself and challenge your boundaries. Even if that means failing. Because progression does not come without challenge and, oftentimes, challenge does not come without failure.  Below I have posted a few links that I think will help with such reflection and get your mind in the right place.


Participating in the Open

Letting Beauty Speak

“I don’t like work—no man does—but I like what is in the work,—the chance to find yourself. Your own reality—for yourself, not for others—what no other man can ever know.” - Joseph Conrad


  1. BCCF comp class today

    Did back squats first 6x4 @145# (I did the first two sets at 155#, but decided that was too heavy, so backed down to 145# - 78% of my 1RM). I was kinda sore going into it - probably all of the squat cleans and OHS the day before.

    Gymnastics: Spent 45 mins working on my MU - drills, swings, a few actual MUs and bails so that I can start linking. Still have some learning to do on the bail, but got a few MUs in to satisfy myself that I hadn't lost them. Worked on bar MU swing too. Did this with Meredith and Dave (gymnastics coach).

    Row 500
    50 DUs
    25 S2OH (65#)
    25 SHDP (65#)
    25 Front Squats (65#)
    25 T2B (I subbed 35 sit-ups)
    25 C2B (I subbed 35 Ring Rows)
    25 HR Push-ups
    25 Box Jumps
    25 Wall Balls
    50 DUs
    Row 500

    17:25 - I did the subs just because I tore open my hand again swinging for Bar MUs, not bad, but didn't want to make it worse.

    1. I think I got the order of that a little off, I don't think T2B and C2B were back to back, but can't get the idea ;).

  2. WOD: AMRAP 12 - 2 full rounds plus 106M of a third row. I scaled my bar to 70# for each lift. While I'm still working on rowing efficiency, I am already feeling much better about it and knocking down some seconds off my pace. 70# was still pretty heavy for me for my shoulder to overhead, so they were slow. Plus, Paul saw me warming up my squat snatches, so came over to help me out with them (as I've said before, I am just scared of dropping under the bar). Paul ended up working with me for an hour on squat snatches, so I was pretty tired for the WOD. But I really welcomed the help and am not so scared of dropping under the bar now!

    Back Squat: I did all sets at 105#, which is 75% of my 1RM. They were hard, but do-able. On most sets I was able to do the first three reps without pausing at the top, but took a couple seconds for the fourth rep.