Sunday, September 29, 2013


Option A. 10 Minutes to Practice Bar MU
Option B. 10 Minutes to Practice Ring MU and/or progressions

Snatch Supplement: Drop Snatch, work up to a heavy single

A. 4 x 3 Strict Press @80%
B. 1 x Max Effort Push Press @ 80%1 RM Strict Press

Partner WOD, each completes 6 rounds: 
3 deadlifts 295#/175#
9 burpee pull-ups (chest-to-bar)
*Resting partner holds a front rack position with barbell (155#, 115#). No racks allowed, if partner drops bar the other must stop until they hold it again

Cooldown: 1K Row + 10 minutes of Overhead mobility and lat work 


  1. Weakness: Worked on muscle up progressions, the transition is feeling more comfortable, just need more strength!!

    Drop Snatch: Worked up to 65#

    Strict Press: @75#, felt as good as strict presses usually do
    ME Push Press: @75# - 15 reps

    WOD: 17:21 (Jen, correct me if I'm wrong on that). Jen and I did it together. Those DLs were heavy!! But, got them done. The C2B felt tough at the end, definitely kipped the hell out of them. Front rack wasn't too tough once I got it up there, just felt like I was choking myself a bit when I really just wanted to breathe. It didn't tax my arms much, could feel it in my triceps a bit in the last two rounds.

    Cooldown: check.

  2. Weakness: Still practicing bar muscle up progressions and strict muscle up progressions. I'm pretty sore, so I didn't feel like I made too much progress today. Every little bit helps.

    Drop Snatch: Started with 45# Bar, then 95, 115, 135, 155, and finally 175. These felt good. Nice to apply some of the L1 stuff I learned in practical application.

    Strict Press: 4x3 @ 80% of 195 was 155 for me.
    Made the first 2 sets fine, but my triceps really started hurting after a long weekend and Monday's workout. I was only able to squeak out 2 on set 3, then just 1 on the last one.
    ME Push Press: Only made 11; again, triceps were killing me.

    WOD: 18:30 RX w/ 295#..... The hardest part of this WOD was the "rest" period. Holding the 155# on front rack was extremely taxing, both on my arms and especially my breathing. After the 2nd round, we started having to break up the sets. The DL were pretty easy, and didn't have too much trouble with the burpee C2B pullups. I was able to work out with Sean at the 5 pm class which was fun.

    Looking forward to a day off tomorrow.