Sunday, September 15, 2013


Optional Saturday:

Weakness: 10 Minutes of weakness work

Strong'ness': 10 minutes to work on something you are good at

Every 90 seconds for 12 Minutes:
3 Snatches, adding weight working to a heavy 3

Speed: EMOM for 8 Minutes: 40 yard sprint

WOD: 'Coe': 10 Rounds
10 Thrusters 95#/65#
10 Ring push-ups (Mod: regular push-ups)


  1. Weakness: DUs, got a new PR of 45, making progress...

    Strength: Nate and I worked on handstand walking up onto plates and back down. It was fun, even if Nate kicked my ass in it :).

    Snatches: 55#, 65# 75#x3, 85#x2, 95# (90% of my 1RM) - got the first two on the 95#, missed the last one out front, so waited a few minutes and did an extra rep just to end on a positive note. Definitely felt my legs by the end - doing all of those squat snatches.

    Sprints: These were just fun. Legs felt a little tired by the end, but not bad. It was nice to have Ernie, Captain and Nate doing this with me, definitely contributed to the fun factor.

    WOD - I had to go do family stuff, so only eeked out 7 rounds in 10 mins. I almost texted Dan after and told him he had broken me, I officially feel like I am shitty at CrossFit. I burned out after the first round and had to switch from ring pushups to pushups ON MY KNEES!! I haven't had to do pushups on my knees in a long time, but I could barely do those. My triceps and shoulders were just toast, even the thrusters had to be broken up into sets of 6/4 then 5/5. It was one of those that I just kept shaking my head because I couldn't believe how much trouble I was having with it...still can't.

    Nate - super impressed that you got through it all and looked a lot better doing it than I did!

    Overall - great to workout with Nate. It's always so much more fun with a partner. And if any of you missed out on "Coe", definitely hit it sometime and see how you fare. Might not feel so terrible at the beginning of the week, so do it at the end ;).

  2. Liz - don't get down! There are good days and bad. You are doing awesome.

    I am STILL sore from this one. It was tough.

    Posting late, so I won't include all the details but I finished COE in 16:43 Rx'd.