Sunday, September 15, 2013


Option A: 3 x ME Pull-ups (90 seconds rest between)
Option B. 5 x 3 High Hang Squat Snatch (light weight, speed under the bar)

Skill: 10 Minutes to work up to a heavy single split jerk with perfect technique 

Efficiency: EMOM for 10 Minutes: 
3 Push Press (90% 1RM Press or 60% 1RM Push Press)

Max Effort Plank Hold:

rest 2 Minutes

5 Rounds:
5 Wall Walks 
10 OHS @50% 1RM or 65% 1RM Snatch

rest 2 Minutes

Max Effort Plank Hold

Endurance (only complete if you are taking off Saturday): 2 Mile Run 


  1. Make sure you guys check out the new resources and links page and the movements and progressions pages for some helpful links on movements or general CrossFit. I will continuously add useful links so try to check as often as possible

  2. Worked on pull-up technique, then split jerk technique, never built to a heavy single, just trying to get the landing position nailed down.

    EMOM Push Press - started with 85# for first 5, then moved up to 95# for last 5. First 5 felt good, last couple started to feel a little bit sloppy, but overall, not bad. Was really helpful to think about making sure to get that bar up higher before pushing with my arms.

    Squat Snatch - 35#, then 65# for 4

    WOD - 11:11 @ 65# - wall walks were tough, definitely a shoulder burner, especially after all of the other work. I did the first round of OHS unbroken, then broke them up 7/3, last one was 6/4. This one was harder for me to manage my rest.

    Since we can't all workout together, it's fun to see everyone's comments :). I'm planning on being in the gym tomorrow morning around 8:30 to do Saturday's workout, if anyone wants to meet me there.

    1. Forgot to enter the ME Planks - 3 min and 2 min respectively. Could have held on longer. I was starting to get shaky though, so 1 min more max.

  3. Weakness: I did both, because I feel pretty comfortable with them.
    Option A: set 1- strict pullups for 11, set 2-butterfly for 17, then set 3 was regular kipping pullups for 10.
    Option B: 105# for all 5 sets. Felt light, just worked on speed as much as possible.

    Skill: 185# final clean&jerk. pretty light, just tried to work on perfect technique

    Skipped the EMOM to do the WOD with Liz. Thank goodness cause my shoulders would have been worthless during the wod.

    WOD: 13:58 @ 115# OHS- Pre-Plank=2min, Post-plank=1 min; Round 1 was great, fast wall walks and OHS unbroken. Round 2 started getting sore on the legs, round 3 really started fatiguing the shoulders and legs, and reached failure on round 5 OHS. Had to break up into sets of 1 to 2.

    Overall for the entire week, my legs have a deeper burn in them than they have in a long time. Great programming. I need to establish new 1RM on most of the lifts, just to make sure I am using the appropriate weights.